Number of general entrance exam applicants surpasses 100,000 for ten consecutive years

Mar. 10, 2016

Students bundled up in coats, hurriedly head to take the entrance exam (Surugadai) Students bundled up in coats, hurriedly head to take the entrance exam (Surugadai)

The entrance exams for the FY 2016 at Meiji University have been completed, with certain exceptions, such as the entrance examinations based on the exams conducted by the National Center for University Entrance Examinations (second semester), applications for which will be accepted until March 4.Excluding special entrance exam and admission-upon-recommendation applicants, the number of general entrance exam applicants was 108,055 as of February 9. This led to the total number of applicants exceeding 100,000 for the tenth consecutive year and was higher than in the previous year for the second consecutive year. The shift to the online application system for all general entrance exams is thought to be one of the factors behind the increase.

Applications for entrance to major private universities for the FY 2016
University Applicants Previous year Change
Meiji University  108,055  105,702  ↑2,353(102.2%)
*Waseda University  108,039  103,494  ↑4,545(104.4%)
*Hosei University  101,976  93,986  ↑7,990(108.5%)

Kinki University

 101,880  113,704  ↓11,824(89.6%)
Nihon University  99,614  94,127  ↑5,487(105.8%)
Ritsumeikan University  87,898  87,668  ↑230(100.3%)
Chuo University  74,423  69,818  ↑4,605(106.6%)
Kansai University  73,799  82,941  ↓9,142(89.0%)
Toyo University  72,699  75,365  ↓2,666(96.5%)
Chiba Institute of Technology  69,552  50,888  ↑18,664(136.7%)

Based on data from DAIGAKUTSUSHIN Corporation (as of February 20, 2016)
* indicates final figures for the number of applicants

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