Graduate School of Governance Studies -Public Policy School-

Curriculum Chart

Field A:Basic subject - Policy, administration, management

Governance Studies 
Intergovernmental Relations 
Urban Spatial Policy 
Urban Management Policy 
Introduction to Public Policy Analysis 
Evaluation Theory and Practice 
Comparative Local Government 
TQM in Public Sector 
Quality Management in Japanese Public Sector 
Spatial Planning 
Negotiation in the Public Sector
Government and Politics in Developing Countries
Global Governance (Theory)
Global Governance (Institutions)
NGO/NPO Policy
NGO/NPO Management
Crisis Management for Natural Disasters

Field B:Basic subject - Economic, finance, development

Public Financial Management 
Public Finance 
Macroeconomics A 
Macroeconomics B 
Microeconomics A 
Microeconomics B 
Growth Theory and Developing Countries 
Economic Development 
Politics and Economics in East Asia 
Economic System and Environment 
Social Policy 
Social Development 
Tax Policy and Tax Administration

Field C:Applied Policy Study

  • Policy, evaluation
    • Current Development in Public Policy and Management
    • Consensus Building in the Public Sector
    • Public Policy
    • Policy Evaluation
  • Public administration management
    • Japanese Politics and Society
    • Comparative Public Administration
    • Comparative Study of Corruption
    • Civil Service Systems in Japan and Abroad
    • Human Resource Management
    • Leadership Theory and Practice
  • Local government
    • Japanese Local Government (Management)
    • Japanese Local Government (Finance)
    • Human Resources Development in Local Government
    • Urban Design
    • Introducing Spatial Planning in Tokyo
    • Urban Management and Environment
  • Crisis management
    • Education for Crisis and Contingency Management
    • Crisis Management and Civil Society
    • Crisis Management and Public Administration
    • Crisis and Contingency Management
  • Economics, finance
    • Japanese Economy in International Environment
    • Japanese Economic Policy
    • Planning, Finance and Management for Development
  • Community/Regional development
    • Community Engagement and Facilitation
    • Planning Regional Economic Development
    • Urban and Regional Development Planning
  • Environment
    • Environmental Governance
    • Environmental Management
    • Environmental Assessment
  • Education
    • Comparative and International Education
    • Japanese Education in Comparative Perspective
  • International issues
    • Japanese Foreign and Development Policy
    • Political Economy of Development
    • Theories and Experience of the Developmental State
    • International Economics and Finance
  • Business
    • Private Sector Development
    • Business, Policy and Environment

Field D:Practical seminars

Social Research Method 
Introductory Statistics for Social Research 
Qualitative Research Methods 
Masters Thesis Development
Analyzing and Writing in Qualitative Research 
Elementary Academic English 
Intermediate Academic English (Writing)
Intermediate Academic English (Communication)
Advanced Academic English
Speech, Presentation and Performance
Research Method 1
Research Method 2
Research Paper 1
Research Paper 2

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