Your Guide to Meiji

Views Across Borders

1. Which popular foods from your native country cannot be found in Japan?

Nasi Lemak (coconut rice)



This is a popular rice dish in Malaysia. The rice is cooked by adding coconut milk. The direct translation of the name is “oil rice.”

Dried Mango



I sometimes see it sold in imported food shops, but it’s expensive!

Martabak Bangka



This resembles a pancake and is eaten in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. The filling differs from country to country, but chocolate and cheese are popular. It’s a little similar to Imagawa-yaki and Tai-yaki sold in Japan, but I miss Martabak Bangka!

Sunflower Seeds



People in Myanmar often eat them as a snack, but I rarely see them being sold in Japan. Once, when I went into a pet shop, I found sunflower seeds being sold as a pet food. I bought them on the spot!

2. What is your favorite Japanese product not found in your native country?

Frozen foods



Where I come from, we don’t usually heat foods in a microwave and eat them, so not too many varieties of frozen foods are sold. But there are all sorts of different frozen foods in Japan, and it’s fun just looking at all the products on display in supermarkets.

Washlet toilet seats



They feel so good! I sense Japan’s cutting-edge technology.

Electronic money



Because it’s very convenient

Vending machines



Because I can buy things 24 hours a day, and it’s convenient

3. What can you most proud of about your native country?

People’s feelings of warmth and caring



In the Philippines, we often talk to people whom we do not know, or smile at them. I feel that Japanese people are very kind, but, perhaps because they are shy, I rarely see two strangers talking to each other inside trains, for example, and enjoying a good conversation.




The Philippines is one of the countries in Asia where people can speak English extremely well. I feel that there are not too many Japanese people who can speak English fluently.

Natural resources



Japan is not blessed with natural resources, so, to compensate for this, science and technology have developed. What Indonesia can pride itself in is its abundant natural resources. I hope that Indonesia will make effective use of these natural resources and continue to develop and prosper economically.

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