Application Period

February 1 (Wed) - February 28 (Tue), 2017 <Japan Time>

Application Process

After you submit the online application, an automatic reply will be sent to your e-mail address. If you do not receive the automatic reply, please contact <>.


Notification of Acceptance (payment information)
Detailed information regarding the payment method of the program fee will be forwarded on March 7 (Tue), 2017 only to the successful applicants (by e-mail).

Payment of program fee
*Payment deadline: March 21 (Tue), 2017 <Japan Time>.
*Payment of program fee will only be accepted by credit card.
*Please be advised that your application will be void if payment of program fee is not settled by the deadline of March 21 (Tue), 2017 <Japan Time>.

Letter of confirmation
After your payment has been confirmed, a letter to confirm your participation will be sent to you with information regarding optional accommodation etc (by e-mail).

If the number of participants does not reach the program quota, we will send out the second round of acceptance notifications after March 23 (Thurs), 2017.

Cancelation Policy

Please be advised that once you have settled your payment, the following cancelation policy will apply. In case of cancelation, please notify Meiji University by e-mail:
・May 21 (Sun), 2017 <Japan Time> for 100% refund of program fee 
・June 21 (Wed), 2017 <Japan Time>  for 50% refund of program fee 
・July 12 (Wed), 2017 <Japan Time> for 20% refund of program fee
・After July 13 (Thurs), 2017 <Japan Time>,  no refund of program fee
- The cancelation policy applies regardless of the reason.
- There will be no refund of program fee unless Meiji University receives prior cancelation request.
- Any handling or service fees incurred for refunding the program fees will be borne by the applicant.
- Please allow 2-3 months for refunds of the program fees.