*Contents of the program may be subject to change.
*Program content on weekdays is planned to start from 9:30 and end between 16:00-18:00 depending on the day (a different schedule is planned for the Traditional Japan field trip on July 26-27).
*One period for lectures is 70-minute long.
Date AM PM
July 19 (Thu) Check-in at the accommodation
July 20 (Fri) Opening Ceremony & Orientation Activity with Meiji University Students
Japanese Traditional Performance Welcome Party
July 21 (Sat) Free Time
July 22 (Sun)
July 23 (Mon)
- Anime
- Idol Culture 
- Introduction to Japanese
- Japanese Martial Arts
- Otaku Culture
- Yokai and Japanese Folklore
Field trips
Kabukiza Theatre Tour
- Tea Ceremony & Flower Arrangement 
July 24 (Tue)
July 25 (Wed)
July 26 (Thu) Traditional Japan Field Trip in Nikko (Tochigi)
July 27 (Fri)
July 28 (Sat) Free Time
July 29 (Sun)
July 30 (Mon) Preparation for Presentation Activity with Meiji University Students
July 31 (Tue) Presentation Wrap-up Session
Closing Ceremony & Farewell Party
August 1 (Wed) Check-out of the accommodation