Following up on it summer 2015 program, the Meiji University Japanese Language Education Center will offer a short-term Japanese Language Program in winter 2016.

The program cultivates study of Japanese language, culture and society from various aspects.

Highly motivated participants can expect Meiji University’s up-to-date educational, media and support facilities to meet their every need. Japanese students will support your study of Japanese and join various events with you.

Why not come to central Tokyo and Meiji University this winter to learn “living” Japanese and Japanese culture?
Get ready for the exciting new experience that awaits you!
After applying, a reply will be automatically sent to your e-mail address. If you do not receive a reply email from Meiji University, please contact

Program Length

11 February <Thu> – 25 February <Thu> ,2016

Eligible Participants

Undergraduate or Graduate students


Japanese Language Program has been selected as one of Student Exchange Support Programs (Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan) sponsored by JASSO.
Meiji University will offer a scholarship (JPY 80,000) on the last day of the program to participants who are either undergraduate or graduate students of Meiji University’s partner institution and meet requirements set by JASSO.

After applying for the program we will send the application materials to your e-mail address within 2 weeks. To apply for the scholarship, applicants need to submit Official Transcript (With seal of your university on it. It has to be written in Japanese or English.)

Please be advised that JASSO’s final decision if the applicants can grant the scholarship or not will be done at the end of January 2016. We cannot inform if applicants can grant the scholarship or not before paying the fee of the program.

Program Levels

 Introductory Class: For students who have studied Hiragana, Katakana and basic expressions. (approximately 50 hours of study)
Please study Hiragana, Katakana and Basic Greetings by Meiji University e-learning system
( joining the program.The Class will be conducted that you have a prior knowledge of Hiragana.
Beginner Class: For students with very basic knowledge of Japanese, able to read Hiragana and Katakana and understand and use the basic Japanese. JLPT N5 preparatory level.
Pre-intermediate Class: For students who can understand and use beginner’s level Japanese. JLPT N4 preparatory level.
Intermediate Class: For students understanding Japanese which is used in everyday situation for a certain degree.
JLPT N3 preparatory level.

*JLPT: Japanese Language Proficiency Test
*The class will be decided at the placement test conducted on the orientation.

Number of Participants

40 students 
(10 students/class. A class will be cancelled if there are fewer than the minimum required number of participant. )

Program Contents

  • Japanese Language Class (45min×42classes)
  • Field Study/Activity (3hours×2times)
*We will issue certificates of completion to the participants of the program.

Schedule (tentative)

    11 February
12 February
13 February
14 February
AM       Check in at the
Placement Test, Orientation Day Off Day Off
PM         Welcome Party     
  15 February
16 February
17 February
18 February
19 February
20 February
21 February
AM Japanese 1,2,3,4 Japanese 9,10,11,
Japanese 13,14,15,16 Japanese
Day Off Day Off
PM Japanese 5,6,7,8 Field Study/ Activity 1 Japanese 17,18,19,20 Field Study/
Activity 2
Japanese 27,28,29,30    
  22 February
23 February
24 February
25 February
AM Japanese 31,32,33,34 Japanese 39,40,
(Final Presentation)
out of the
PM Japanese 35,36,37,38   Closing

Student Supporter

Undergraduate and graduate students of Meiji University will support throughout the program. They will join the Japanese class and accompany the participants to the field study and activity. 
Offering an opportunity to communicate with students on the same generation is a big feature of this program and attracts favorable comment from participants from the past year program.


Fee Course A: Program Fee + Hotel
*20 minute commute by train and walking
*Daily travel expenses: About 300 yen (at your own expense)
*Check-in: 11 February, Check Out: 25 February
*Meals not included
Course B: Program Fee + Homestay
*60-90 minute commute by train and walking / bus.
*Daily travel expenses: About 1,500 yen (at your own expense)
*Check-in: 11 February, Check Out: 25 February
*Breakfast and dinner included
Course C: Program Fee only
*Students who need assistance obtaining the visa cannot choose this course.
*Meiji University will not arrange your accommodation. Please find by yourself.
*Program Fee includes:
Tuition, field-trips, educational materials
*Does not include:
Accommodation fee, airfare, domestic travel expenses, insurance, meals and other living expenses
*We may not be able to arrange the homestay due to your special requirements or circumstances. In that case, we will inform you one month before the program starts. Homestay Company will arrange a hotel instead and extra charges will be added. It is different from Course A's hotel.
*You cannot change the course after the application.


  1. Please apply online from this website. After applying, a reply will be automatically sent to your e-mail address. If you do not receive a reply, please contact
  2. Applicants will be informed of the application result and the payment procedure via E-mail by the end of November. The due date of the payment will be within 7 days after receiving the e-mail.
    The applicants are required to pay the fee via a credit card.
  3. After the payment, we will send the homestay application form to students who have applied homestay. Please send it to the homestay agency.
  4. To decide which class is appropriate for you, participants take Online Japanese Level Check Test before the arrival. Meiji University will send you the information about the test to the e-mail address that you have registered. Please take the test within one week. (Scheduled date of sending the Japanese Level Check Test: 24 November - 30 November, 2015)

Cancellation Policy

Please be advised that once your application has been accepted and you have paid the fee, the following cancellation policy applies.
If you notify Meiji University in e-mail by:

・Dec 11, 2015 (Fri) <Japan Time> you will be reimbursed for 100% of the fees.
・Jan 8, 2016 (Fri) <Japan Time>you will be reimbursed for 50% of the fees.
・Feb 1, 2016 (Mon) <Japan Time>you will be reimbursed for 20% of the fees.
・Feb 2, 2016(Tue) <Japan Time>you will not be reimbursed of the fees.

- The cancellation policy applies for any reason whatsoever.
- Any handling or service fees incurred for refunding the fee will be borne by the applicant.
- It will take 2-3 months to reimburse the program fees.


Meiji University will not provide assistance in obtaining a visa except in the case of students of Meiji University’s partner institutions.
Please check the website of Ministry of foreign affairs before applying the program.
* Cancellation policy will also apply for the cancel for not being able to take obtain the visa. Please confirm about the visa before paying for the program.


  1. In the event that maximum capacity has been reached for a particular class or program, you may be unable to enroll.
  2. The program schedule printed on the promotional leaflet may be subject to change.
  3. Participants in the program are required to purchase at their own expense traveler’s insurance to cover the period of their stay in Japan. Please Submit the copy of insurance certificate before the arrival.

Past Programs


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