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Institut pour la Science Sauvage Institut pour la Science Sauvage

Based on a purpose of making science richer and more concrete, Institut pour la Science Sauvage aims to make people aware of the latent potential of Japanese civilization and create new learning that is necessary for the 21st century. We are seeking large principles that include natural sciences, economic sciences, and social sciences, with the results of the vast intellectual activities that have been accumulated this far as the greatest resources.


What is science sauvage?

The modern age has created a civilization that overemphasizes the eyes and the brain. People believe that all of the things in the world can be made visible, and they place artificial eyes everywhere and continue to monitor things. The brain interprets the world as information, and tries to extract patterns included in that as meaning. If the world could be made visible and interpretable as information in such a way, it would be very easy to manage the world. Since the Neolithic age that generated cities, humans have constantly wanted to pacify, equalize, and manage the world, in other words to domesticate the world. The dream of domesticating the world is now becoming a reality due to modern technology that has accomplished tremendous developments.

But can the world really be completely domesticated? The world is full of microscopic realities that slip past cameras and sensors.

Powers and images that cannot be made visible are continuing to slip through the world’ s gaps. Complicated processes that cannot be calculated by algorithms (calculation procedures) that imitate cerebral processes are continuing to weave together the earth’ s foundation even in this very instant. This cannot be seen by domesticated thinking. However, a world in a non-domesticated wild state still exists here, and is continuing incessant activities right now.

Institut pour la Science Sauvage is aiming to develop a method that can capture images of that world in a still-wild state. We are considering creating science that is equipped with a reliable method of thinking that is open to nature prepared with algorithms that surpass computers. Science sauvage is a field of study that did not previously exist. However, it is now the field of study that most needs to be created. Science sauvage has great possibilities. That is because the latent abilities of humans’ hearts are still in a wild state.

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