【Report】 On July 14th 2012: Study Abroad Fair 2012 by Embassies of English-speaking Countries

明治大学  / Meiji University RIIE

Mr. Yasushi Okushiro (EIKEN) Mr. Yasushi Okushiro (EIKEN) 

Prof. Shingo Ashizawa (Meiji U.)Prof. Shingo Ashizawa (Meiji U.)

Mr. Fumio Matsunaga and Ms. Meri KamedaMr. Fumio Matsunaga and Ms. Meri Kameda

Booth of British CouncilBooth of British Council

Interviews by EIKEN・IELTSInterviews by EIKEN・IELTS

Booth of JASSOBooth of JASSO

Booth of the US EmbassyBooth of the US Embassy

Presentation by Prof. AshizawaPresentation by Prof. Ashizawa

Prof. Takeshi Suzuki (Meiji U.)Prof. Takeshi Suzuki (Meiji U.)

Mr. Yusuke Matsuda (Teach For Japan) Mr. Yusuke Matsuda (Teach For Japan) 

Ms. Lin Kobayashi (ISAK) Ms. Lin Kobayashi (ISAK) 

Mr. Tetsuya Yasukochi (Toshin Business School) Mr. Tetsuya Yasukochi (Toshin Business School)

Booth of Meiji University Booth of Meiji University

Ms. Kanae Doi (Human Rights Watch)Ms. Kanae Doi (Human Rights Watch)

Mr. Norihito Kodama (Global Astrolines) Mr. Norihito Kodama (Global Astrolines) 

Study Abroad Fair 2012 by Embassies of English-speaking Countries

  On July 14th 2012, at Meiji University’s Academy Common 2F, the Study Abroad Fair 2012 was held with the participation of Embassies from English speaking countries. The Fair was co-hosted by Meiji University Research Institute of International Education (RIIE) and Meiji University Headquarters of International Collaboration. Support was provided by the following organizations: US Embassy/Education USA, US Embassy Commercial Service, Fulbright Japan, British Council, Canadian Embassy Public Relations, and Australian Embassy Marketing Office. The event received sponsorship from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and JAFSA, and the Nihon Eigo Kentei Kyoukai. Additional support was received from the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) and Japan Study Abroad Foundation (JSAF). The Fair was an opportunity to learn about various aspects of study aboard for area college students –not only Meiji students—and secondary school students. The Fair drew about 500 participants (roughly 60% female and 40% male) from the around the Kanto area including secondary school students and their guardians, college students, and working adults interested in studying aboard.

  Attendees were given the opportunity to attend special lecturers by individuals who have spoken at Meiji University’s special course “International Career: Introduction to Study Abroad.” Speakers shared their own study abroad experiences and provided encouraging messages for the younger generation. Hosted by Prof. Shingo Ashizawa, Vice-director of RIIE, Mr. Fumio Matsunaga (free-lance announcer) and Ms. Meri Kameda presented a parent-child session “Feelings toward Study Abroad・Parents’ feelings to send out;”
Other lectures included:
  Mr. Yusuke Matsuda (Founder and Director, Teach For Japan) “Resigning PE Teacher and Entering into Harvard; Talk about the Process to Establish Teach For Japan”
  Ms. Lin Kobayashi (Founder and Director, International School of Asia, Karuizawa [ISAK]) “Leadership to Coordinate Diverse Values: From own Study Abroad Experience”
  Mr. Tetsuya Yasukochi (Lecturer, Toshin Business School) “On English Ability Required for Study Abroad: You Can Overcome English!”
  Ms. Kanae Doi (Japan Director, Human Rights Watch Asia) “Talk on Global Career Development from a Perspective of International NGO”
  Mr. Norihito Kodama (CEO, Global Astrolines Corporation) “The Author of ‘Courage to Take Off Pants’ talks on Study Abroad Experience with Almost no English!” 

  All lectures shared motivational stories related to international education, nurturing human resources, and their own study abroad experience and preparation. Some of the audience’s comments included: “Please coordinate the series second!”; “Very stimulating presentations! I am considering to send my daughter to study abroad”; and “Very informative. Enjoyed the best stories of their experiences! I’ll be more proactive and succeed!”

  In addition, participating embassies set up booths to explain about study abroad. Lines were long and discussions were enthusiastic. Eigo Keiten Kyokai offered practice interview tests of Eiken (English proficiency test) and IELTS. Embassies and affiliated organizations hosted special sessions to explain their education and study abroad systems. Participants in these sessions commented: “I am thinking about going to study abroad. I was interested in a practice interview test of IELTS.”; “I will study in Australia for a year or a year and half, so I joined this event for preparation.”; “I want to gain a Master’s degree in a foreign country.”; “I’ve been thinking of going to study abroad, but did not know what to do. I tried online search but felt the limitation. Somehow I happen to know this seminar is provided, so boldly joined!”

  All the events attracted very enthusiastic participants. We express our appreciation for the   cooperation and participation of all organizations and individuals



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