【Report】 On January 16th, 2012: the New Year Networking Event

明治大学  / Meiji University RIIE

Prof. Etsuko Katsu (Meiji U.)Prof. Etsuko Katsu (Meiji U.)

Prof. Masahiro Yokota (Meiji U.)Prof. Masahiro Yokota (Meiji U.)

Mr. Yusuke Matsuda (Teach for Japan)Mr. Yusuke Matsuda (Teach for Japan)

Ms. Lin Kobayashi (ISAK)Ms. Lin Kobayashi (ISAK)

Audience Audience

  On January 16th, 2012, the New Year Networking Event was held at Meiji University's Kouzo Miyagi Hall (Liberty Tower 23F) in celebration of the establishment of the Meiji University Research Institute of International Education (RIIE). Attendance was estimated at 50 individuals from various related organizations. We invited two distinguished guests to give presentations after which attendees mingled and exchanged ideas. We feel this event strengthened our network.

  Meiji University, Prof. Etsuko Katsu (Vice-president, Meiji University) and Prof. Masahiro Yokota (Director, RIIE) attended and gave opening remarks and greetings. Prof. Shingo Ashizawa (Vice-director, RIIE) followed and provided an overview of the purpose of the Institute which is to comprehensively engage in research on global human resources in Japan.

  Professor Ashizawa’s presentation was followed by our two special guests. The first guest, Ms. Lin Kobayashi, Director of International School of Asia, Karuizawa (ISAK), a boarding school offering an International Baccalaureate program for students from the Asia-Pacific region, explained about the school's mission. The second guest, Mr. Yusuke Matsuda, Director of Teach For Japan (NPO, a Japanese version of Teach For America), provided an overview of this organization’s activities. A question-and-answer session followed the presentations and participants freely exchanged ideas.

  This reception was an invaluable occasion to network and support the development of the Institute. We express our thanks and appreciation to the attendees for their support and cooperation in the establishment of RIIE.



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