【Report】 On February 10th, 2011: Symposium Series 1 "Global Trends in Student Mobility"

明治大学  / Meiji University RIIE

Allan Goodman (IIE)Allan Goodman (IIE)

Mariam Assefa (WES)Mariam Assefa (WES)

Joseph Hindrawan (SUNY Buffalo) Joseph Hindrawan (SUNY Buffalo)

Etsuko Katsu (Mejii University) Etsuko Katsu (Mejii University)

William Coleman (the US Embassy)William Coleman (the US Embassy)

Hiroshi Nemoto (MEXT)Hiroshi Nemoto (MEXT)

Shingo Ashizawa (Meiji University)Shingo Ashizawa (Meiji University)

Hiroshi Ota (Hitotsubashi University) and Allan GoodmanHiroshi Ota (Hitotsubashi University) and Allan Goodman

Rosie Edmond (Education USA) Rosie Edmond (Education USA)


 On February 10th, 2012, Meiji University Research Institute of International Education (RIIE) Inaugural International Symposium Series 1 “Global Trends in Student Mobility and Quality Assurance: Systems and Strategies at American Universities” was held at Sokairo Hall, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS). This event was coordinated by the US Embassy and Meiji University RIIE as the host organizations, and Benesse Corporation as the co-host organization and the administrative office, many supports from other organizations, and over 200 participants. Prof. Etsuko Katsu (Mejii University Vice-president) gave the Opening Address, Mr. William Coleman (Education and Exchanges Officer, the US Embassy) and Mr. Hiroshi Nemoto (Higher Education Bureau, MEXT) addressed greetings, representing supporting organizations. In addition, Prof. Shingo Ashizawa (Vice-director, RIIE) presented the explanation of aim.
  The number of Japanese student who study in US has decreased and the number of students from China and India to developed countries has increased; such worldwide statistics have been accumulated by Institute of International Education (IIE) and the CEO, Dr. Allan Goodman gave the keynote speech. Dr. Goodman raised a question “what if Lady Murasaki Studied Abroad?”, and he introduced his relationship with Japan, a trend of global student mobility, and his perspective on internationalization of universities. Ms. Mariam Assefa, CEO of World Education Service, presented on how they develop foreign credential evaluation system has been invented and developed, and applied for accepting foreign students with quality assurance. Mr. Joseph Hindrawan, Assistant Vice Provost for International Education of SUNY Buffalo, presented how to recruit foreign students based on their strategies.
  Finally, with Prof. Hiroshi Ota, Hitotsubashi University, as a moderator, all of the presenters above and Ms. Rosie Edmond, Education USA, consisted of a panel discussion. Including the audience, there was an active question-and-answer session. The symposium was concluded by a closing address presented by Mr. Masanori Fujii of Benesse Corporation.
  After the event, there was a reception at the conference room adjacent to Sokairo Hall. The reception had been joyful with three visiting lecturers. At the end, Prof. Masahiro Yokota (Director, RIIE) made a closing address and the reception ended in a great success.

  We appreciate all of your understanding and cooperation that led this event to this success.




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