Kazutaka SHIMADA

M.A.(Meiji University)

Curator of archaeology section, Meiji University Museum
1-1, Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo, Japan 101-8301
E-mail: moirai3sis2@gmail.com
Born 14th February 1970 in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan


1989-1993 Meiji University, B.A., Archaeology and Geography.
1993-1995 Meiji University, M.A. Archaeology.
1995-1996 Meiji University, D.C. Archaeology.


1996-2004 Archaeological Museum of Meiji University, Meiji University.
2004-present Meiji University Museum, Meiji University.
2008-2012 Secretary General, Japanese Palaeolithic Research Association

Current Research

  1. Obsidian exploitation and circulation in the Upper Palaeolithic.
  2. The dispersal of modern humans in the Japanese Archipelago and the formation of the Upper Palaeolithic society.

Selected Publications

  • Shimada, K. 2012 Pioneer phase of obsidian use in the Upper Palaeolithic and the emergence of modern human behavior in the Japanese Islands. In: Ono. A., and Izuho. M. (eds.), Environmental Changes and Human Occupation in East Asia during OIS3 and OIS2, pp. 129-146. BAR International Series 2352, Archaeopress, Oxford, UK.
  • Shimada, K. 2012 Humans, Environment, and Culture in the Ice Age: a catalogue of the Meiji University Museum special exhibition 2012. p.128 Meiji University Museum, Tokyo. (in Japanese)
  • Shimada, K. 2011 Variability of “circular settlements” in Central Japan and the dispersal of modern humans. In Natural resource environment and humans (Shigen-kankyo to jinrui), 1, pp. 9-26. Meiji university Center for Obsidian and Lithic Studies.
  • Shimada, K. 2011 Obsidian use and its changes in the Upper Palaeolithic in the Musashino Uplift. In (Kenkyu-happyo-shiryoshu), pp. 17-25. Organizing committee for the symposium of the Japanese Archaeological Association in Tochigi Prefecture 2011.
  • Shimada, K. 2010 Does the archaeological sites prior to 40,000 years BP exist? : issues on the Lower and the Middle Palaeolithic in the Japanese Archipelago. In Journal of the Korean Palaeolithic Society, 21, pp.71-82. The Korean Palaeolithic Society.
  • Shimada, K. 2009 Pioneer phase of obsidian use and the origin of the Upper Palaeolithic society in the Japanese Archipelago. In Sundai Historical Review (Sundai-shigaku), 135, pp. 51-70. Sundai Historical Association of Meiji University.
  • Shimada, K. 2008 Obsidian management and hut-like features in the Japanese Upper Palaeolithic. In Palaeolithic Research (Kyusekki-kenkyu), 4, pp. 61-82. Japanese Palaeolithic Research Association.
  • Shimada, K. 2007 Reexamination on the composition of obsidian source sites in Takayama site grope, Nagano Prefecture. In (Kokuyoseki-bunka-kenkyu), 5, pp. 1-20. Meiji University Museum.
  • Shimada, K., Iida, S., and Sugihara, S. 2006 obsidian provenance analysis and a variety of microcores from Yadegawa site in Nagano Prefecture. In Bulletin of Meiji University Museum (Meiji-daigaku-hakubutsukan-kenkyu-hokoku), 11, pp. 1-28.
  • Shimada, K. 2004 An examination on a Palaeolithic hut-like feature from Tana-mukaihara site, locality No.4, Kanagawa Prefecture. In Tana-mukaihara site II (Tana-mukaihara-iseki II), pp. 108-122. Sagamihara City board of education.
  • Shimada, K. 2001 Knife-shaped tools in the Sunagawa phase and the formation process of site groups in the western part of the Kanto Plain. In (Sekki-bunka-kenkyu), 10, pp. 101-119. Sekki-bunka-kenkyu-kai.
  • Shimada, K. 2000 Excavation of Iwajuku Site, 1949-1950: a reexamination on the Palaeolithic artifacts in the Meiji University Museum collections (2). In Bulletin of Meiji University Museum (Meiji-daigaku-hakubutsukan-kenkyu-hokoku), 5, pp. 15-53. Meiji University Museum.

Oral Presentations

  • Shimada, K. May 5th 2012  Exploitation of obsidian sources in the central highlands and the earliest obsidian use. Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2012 (H-QR23 human environmental intaractions), Makuhari Messe, Chiba Pref.
  • Shimada, K. October 28th 2012 Upper Palaeolithic obsidian use in central Japan: the origin of obsidian source exploitation. International symposium: Lithic raw material exploitation and circulation in prehistory, a comparative perspective in diverse palaeoenvironment. Meiji University.
  • Shimada, K. November 11th 2012 Activities of prehistoric hunter-gatherers around obsidian sources in central Japan. Archaeometry Workshop. Hungary National Museum.



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