Takashi SUTO

M. A. (Meiji University)


1978-1982 Archaeology, Department of History and Geography, Meiji University.
1982-1985 Master course of Archaeology, Graduate school of Meiji University.


1985-1988 Research staff of the Meiji University Museum.
1988-2014 Saku City Board of Education.

Current research

Palaeolithic research by lithic morpho-typological viewpoints.
Researches into the correlation between the ways of mammal hunting and human migration.

Selected Publications

  • Suto, T. 2012, Microblades hunter-gatherers foraging in the foothills of Mt. Akagi. In Iwajuku Museum and Iwajuku Forum Committee (eds.), Iwajuku Forum 2012 Symposium Proceedings: Microlith Cultures of Northern Kanto: 81-88. (in Japanese)
  • Suto, T. 2012, What kind of tools were made from microblades? In Yatsugatake Palaeolithic Research Group (ed.), Symposium in Memory of Professor Mitsunori Tozawa: Approaches to Microlith Industries: 19-22. (in Japanese)
  • Suto, T. 2011 Relationship between the Kou-type of backed blades and fluted Points:Correlation between the morphology of hunting weapons and the human migration. Iwajuku Forum 2011, Abstract Volume, 80-83.(in Japanese)
  • Suto, T. 2010 Hilt attached point, Kou-type point, and Triface point: Structure of hunting-tool morphology and the structured change of local communities.Paleolithic Research 6, 55-84. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Suto, T. 2010 Morphology and function of stone axes in the early phase of Upper Palaeolithic. Shinshu Obsidian Forum, Abstract Volume, 18-19, Center for Obsidian and Lithic Studies.(in Japanese)
  • Suto, T. 2009 The Bladelet technology: The structure and organization of the bladelet technology around the Sea of Japan and the local technology. Palaeolithic Research 5, 67-97. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Suto, T. 2008 The Formal Boundaries of the Mikoshiba-Type Point- Viewed through the History of Large, Flat Bifacial Stone Tools. InMikoshiba Site (eds. Hayashi, S. and Kami-Ina Archaeological Society), 248-267. Shinano Shoseki Publishing Center, Nagano City.(in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Suto, T. 2007 A Reexamination of hunting weapon classification in Japanese Upper Palaeolithic. Palaeolithic Research 3, 15-33. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Suto, T. 2007 Stone axe revolution: Upper Palaeolithic revolution on Japanese islands. Palaeolithic Research 3, 59-84. (in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Suto, T. 2006 Lithic spear revolution: Happusan site group. Series of Learning in Archaeological Sites. No. 25, Shinsen-sha.(in Japanese)
  • Suto, T. 2006 Chronologies of Central Japan. In Chronological studies of local areas on the Palaeolithic of Japanese Islands, 103-140. Doseisha. (in Japanese)
  • Suto, T. 2006 Changes of lithic spear viewed from the technology of bifacial controlled flaking. Studies of lithic cultures 13, 31-54. (in Japanese)



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