Ph. D. (Kokugakuin University)

Chief Curator, Asama Jomon Museum 
1901-1, Maseguchi, Miyota machi, Nagano, Japan,389-0207
E-mail: jomon(at)mx2.avis.ne.jp
Web Site http://www.avis.ne.jp/~tsutsumi/index2.htm
Born 18th February 1962 in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan


1980-1984 Tokai University, B.A., Department of Japanese civilization.
1999-2002 Kokugakuin University, Ph.D. Archaeology.

Selected publications

Selected Books and monographs

  • Tsutsumi, T. 2012 Asama Volcano. Hoozukishyoseki Co., Ltd., P. 200. Nagano.(in Japanese)
  • Tsutsumi, T. 2011. Adaptive Strategies of the Microblade Hunters in the Last Glacial. Yuzankaku Co., Ltd., P. 357. Tokyo.( in Japanese with English abstract)
  • Tsutsumi, T. 2011. Palaeolithic Age in Japanese Islands. Kawadeshoboshisha Co., Ltd., P. 128. Tokyo.(in Japanese)
  • Tsutsumi, T. 2009. Guidebook for the Palaeolithic Studies in Japanese Islands. Sinsensha Co., Ltd., P. 94. Tokyo.(in Japanese)
  • Tsutsumi, T. (ed.) 1997a The Kashiwagaya-nagaosa Site. Kashiwagaya-nagaosa Site Investigating Group.P.506.Kanagawa. (in Japanese)
  • Tsutsumi, T. (ed.) 1997b The Kawarada Site. Miyota Town Board of Education. P.635.Nagano .(in Japanese)

Selected Articles

  • Tsutsumi, T. 2011 MIS3 edge-ground axes and arrival of the first Homo sapiens in the Japanese archipelago. Palaeoenvironmental changes and human dispersals in North and East Asia during MIS3 and MIS2. Quaternary International 248:70-78. Ono,A., (ed.) INQUA. (in English)
  • Tsutsumi, T. 2010 Prehistoric Procurement of Obsidian from Sources on Honshu Island (Japan). Crossing the Straits: Prehistoric Obsidian Source Exploitation in the North Pacific Rim. BAR2152:27-55. Kuzmin, Y. V., and Glascock M.D., (eds.) , Archaeopress. England. (in English)
  • Tsutsumi,T. 2007 The Dynamics of Obsidian Use by the Microblade Industries of the Terminal Late Palaeolithic. The Quaternary Research 46-3:179-186,Japan Association for Quaternary Research. Tokyo.(in English)
  • Tsutsumi, T. 2006  Microblade assemblage at the Yadegawa Site in Shigenari Yuri’s collection. The Bulletin of Meiji University Center for Obsidian and Lithic Studies 4: 97-124. Center for Obsidian and Lithic Studies, Meiji University,  Nagano. (in Japanese)
  • Tsutsumi,T. 2004 An Overview of the Obsidian Use in the Paleolithic at the Central Highland and Kanto, Honshu Island, Japan. Obsidian and Its Use in Stone Age of East Asia, pp.7-13, Meiji University.Tokyo. (in English)
  • Tsutsumi,T. 2004 Regionale Unterschiede im Jungplaolithikum, Zeit der Morgenröte :Japans Archäologie und geschichte biz zu den ersten Kaisern, Handbuch.61-66 Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen, Mannheim, Germany. (in German)
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