Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research A

Purpose of the Project
This research aims at finding why and how people contact with consulting or ADR agencies and what significance the contact had in problem solving or dispute resolution. In so doing, the research also tries to examine what merits and demerits the agencies have in providing their services from the service consumer’s point of view. For this purpose, we will conduct interviews with people who experienced some kind of legal problems.
Research Organization
Project Director
Masayuki Murayama  Professor, Meiji University
Project Members
Keiichi Ageishi  Associate Professor, Niigata University
Masahiro Fujita  Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Policy Studies
Ryo Hamano  Professor, Rikkyo University
Tetsumi Kato  Professor, Meiji University
Kentetsu Kitamura  Associate Professor, Chiba University
Satoshi Minamikata  Professor, Niigata University
Kazuhiro Murakami  Professor, Meiji University
Shozo Ota  Professor, University of Tokyo
Rie Ono  Associate Professor, Chiba University
Tadahisa Sakamoto  Professor, Chiba University
Isamu Sugino  Lecturer, Ochanomizu Women’s University
Manabu Wagatsuma   Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University

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