gScientific Research of Priority Areash is to promote research efficiently and effectively by identifying such research areas as leading to the improvement and strengthening of the academic research standard, requiring a global engagement in research, and responding to particularly strong social demands. It enables mobile and flexible responses for defining priority areas and implementing the research as well as effective cooperation among individual researchers beyond boundaries of their institutions, so that the researchers have more specific orientation to their research purpose and conduct their research more creatively.
> The Administrative Board
> The Board promotes communications among the three national survey groups and makes adjustments to facilitate coordination among participants. The Board also organizes seminars for social research and statistical analyses and also holds international meetings on research findings in comparison with those of foreign national surveys.
Masayuki Murayama@Project Director, Yoshiyuki Matsumura@Chair, National Survey on Disputing Behaviour (A), Shiro Kashimura@Chair, National Survey on Consulting Behaviour (B), Daniel Foote Chair, National Survey on Litigating Behaviour (C), Masaki Abe@Charged with Seminars on Social Research, Yoshitaka Wada@Charged with International Meetings, Shozo Ota@Charged with Public Relations, Ryo Hamano@Seceretar
> A: Disputing Behaviour
> A01: The Legal Consciousness of the Modern Japanese
> A02: The Disputing Process
> B: Consultation Behaviour
> B01: Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution by Administrative and Private Agencies
> B02: Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution by Legal Professionals
> Litigation Behaviour
> Masayuki Murayama et al., gLegal Problems and Their Resolution | Disputing Behaviour in Japan,h presented at International Sociological Association Research Committee on Sociology of Law, Paris, France, July 2005
> Akira Fujimoto, gA Thought on Measuring Legal Knowledge,h presented at Law and Society Association Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, U.S.A., June 2005
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