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School of Global Jap
Meiji University established the School of Global Japanese Studies in April 2008 on the Izumi campus near Shinjuku, the center of Tokyo today. The school aims to prepare graduates who have a thorough understanding of Japanese culture and society, a good command of English, and a familiarity with international relations so that they can contribute to the global community.
Feature 01
Study Japanese culture and analyze “Cool Japan”
Courses are offered on contemporary Japanese culture covering manga, anime, movies, drama, fashion, modern art and literature. The traditions of performing arts, fine arts, and martial arts are also examined as they provide a basis of contemporary Japanese culture. Furthermore, students will analyze the construction of “Cool Japan.”
Feature 02
Learn the patterns of Japanese society, including Monozukuri, the Japanese art of manufacturing
Courses are offered on Japanese social systems, such as business and industry, which promote Japanese culture internationally. These include the digital content industry, advertising, mass media, and intellectual property management.
Feature 03
International studies program to achieve a global perspective
It is important for students to be aware of Japan’s position in the world and have an understanding of other cultures, societies, economies and histories in order to contribute to the global community.
Feature 04
Intensive English language education
Develop communicative competence, including the ability to understand information and express ideas effectively in English. In order to realize this goal, the school provides an intensive curriculum with English classes taught by international faculty. Students are also encouraged to participate in semester-long study abroad programs. One third of the lectures in the junior and senior years will be taught predominantly in English.
Feature 05
Study-abroad program to examine Japan from a global perspective
Studying abroad is highly valued because it provides students with diverse opportunities to improve their English skills and to cultivate intercultural sensibilities, as well as gain a better understanding of Japan’s role in the global community.
Feature 06
Emphasis on the study of Japanese language
The Japanese language is the foundation of Japanese culture and so Japanese language education is emphasized for both Japanese and international students. In order to have a comprehensive understanding of Japanese culture and society, it is essential for international students to develop a good command of Japanese.
Feature 07
Creating a multicultural campus by promoting international exchange in campus life
More than one tenth of our students come from abroad, mainly from Asia, such as China and Korea, and we aim to attract more international students from all over the world. The Faculty, with diverse cultural backgrounds and international experience, teach a wide range of courses. There are ample opportunities for students with different cultural backgrounds to meet on campus.
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