Notice about the access restrictions during the 2020 Academic Year Entrance Exams

Dec. 12, 2019


In response to the need to conduct maintenance and for operational reasons in holding the 2020 Academic Year Entrance Exams, access to the following areas will be restricted. Thank you for your cooperation.

1. Buildings subject to restricted access and timeframe

Surugadai Campus
(1) Liberty Tower: February 4 (Tue.) - February 19 (Wed.)
(2) Faculty Office Building: February 4 (Tue.) - February 19 (Wed.)

Izumi Campus
February 4 (Tue.) - February 16 (Sun.)

Ikuta Campus
(1) Main Building (Administration Offices): February 4 (Tue.) - February 7 (Fri.)
(2) Area 1 Building–No.2 (West): February 4 (Tue.) – February 7 (Fri.)
(3) Area 2 Building-A (2F - 4F): February 4 (Tue.) - February 7 (Fri.)

Nakano Campus
February 4 (Tue.) – February 5 (Wed.)

*Additional notifications will be posted if the examination venues are to be used for exams on dates other than those listed.
*If Ikuta Campus Area 2 Building-A will not be used as examination venues for the School of Science and Technology, access restrictions will be lifted from February 6 (Thu.).

2. Measures during the period of restricted access

(1) Only students taking the exams, faculty members, related parties, and other personnel given specific permission may enter the restricted locations. Students taking the exams are not permitted to enter the examination venues prior to their exam date and time.
(2) Additional notifications will be posted if Surugadai Campus Academy Common and Building No. 12 are to be used as examination venues.
(3) The use of facilities in restricted buildings etc. will be prohibited.
(4) Please check your respective department's bulletin board for details regarding administrative handling of students.
(5) The Central Library will be accessible, excluding Sundays and national holidays. Please check the library website for more details regarding operating hours. Please be aware that a different entrance will be used during the restricted access period. The Law Library will be closed. 
(6) The Izumi and Nakano Library will be closed.
(7) The Ikuta Library will be open. Please check the library website for more details regarding operating hours.

December 12, 2019
Meiji University

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