Fall Semester Course Management Policy

Jul. 30, 2020

In Fall Semester, we will conduct teaching mainly in the form of online classes. However, we will provide opportunities to take face-to-face classes for students who wish to do so. For such classes great attention will be paid to avoiding the spread of infection. The current implementation plan for face-to-face classes from Fall Semester is as follows:

Face-to-face classes may not be given in full; for example, such classes may be given several times throughout the Fall Semester.

The number of face-to-face classes may be increased or reduced according to the status of the level of infection and the policies of the Government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

<Subjects scheduled to be taught face-to-face in the Fall Semester>
□ Small class subjects selected by each school, department, the Graduate School or the Professional Graduate School
□ Seminars and research subjects offered by each school or department
□ Laboratory experiments and practical training subjects

A list of classes scheduled to be offered face-to-face in the Fall Semester will be announced via the websites of each school and graduate school, and on the Oh-o! Meiji systems, by the end of August.

<Measures to prevent infection in face-to-face classes>
□ Face-to-face classes should take place in classrooms with a capacity of more than twice the number of students participating. The three C’s should be avoided by taking such measures as opening windows and doors to ventilate the classrooms.
□ If face-to-face classes are permitted and if the number of participants in each class exceeds 30, then they will be divided into smaller groups and taught in separate classrooms, or the groups will be taught every other week.

<Caring for Students who take Face-to-Face Classes>
□ There may be international students who cannot enter Japan or students who wish to refrain from physically attending classes. If these students are enrolled in the course, such students should be provided with video clips of the classes, or should be allowed to participate in the class in real time using Zoom, and so on.
□ Students participating in face-to-face classes on campus may need to take online classes before or after their face-to-face classes. Therefore, we will make classrooms available on campus for students so that they can participate in their online classes on campus.

< Fall Semester Final Examinations>(Jan 25-Feb 3, 2021)
Students will not be required to attend Fall Semester Final Examinations in person.
Instead, each teacher will evaluate students on the basis of how well they have completed their studies or tasks in place of the “Final Examination". In addition, the results of each student’s short tests, reports, homework and class participation during the semester will be assessed in an appropriate way.

In addition to the changes above, there may be changes to the syllabus and grading system for each class.

The details of any changes to the Fall Semester syllabuses will be announced to students through the Oh-o! Meiji system by the teachers in charge of each class by September 11.

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