[IMPORTANT] System Recovery and online classes Handling Scheduled During System Failure

Nov. 20, 2020

To students and teachers

[IMPORTANT] System Recovery and online classes Handling Scheduled During System Failure

As we announced on our website, we have been unable to access Oh-o!Meiji system since 11:10 PM on November 19 due to a failure in Meiji University Single Sign-on System, but the system was restored at 12:15PM on November 20. We sincerely apologize for the concern and inconvenience we have caused you during this time.
Please confirm the following information about the School and Graduate School classes that were scheduled during the period of the disability.

<For Material/Assignment Posting Type and On-demand Type (pre-recorded video streaming type) classes>
Please access the Class Web of the class and download the class or view it from the URL. In addition, if a class has not been uploaded due to the effect of the system failure, each class Faculty Member will deliver a "Class Notice" so please download it or view it from the URL based on the notification.
You can watch the program at any time, but please do so as soon as possible.

<In the case of Real-time Delivery Type class>
Each class Faculty Member distributes "Class Notice", so please take it on the changed class date and time based on the notification.

In the event that students are unable to attend classes or submit reports because of Meiji University Single Sign-On System's disability, we will be flexible so as not to be disadvantageous to students.
Please consult with your instructor using Oh-o! Meiji System Class Web.


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