(Period II AY2021 Entrance Examination) Changes in Handling of English Examinations for I-AUD Applicants

Oct. 26, 2020

Due to the unstable situation of the implementation of English Proficiency Tests affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, applicants of the Master’s Degree Program of International Program in Architecture and Urban Design Studies (I-AUD) will not be required to submit their results of such tests as part of their application materials.

Applicants of the Doctoral Degree Program are required to take the paper-based examination on campus as instructed in the application guideline.


*Applicants of programs other than I-AUD should refer to the following announcement for “Handling of English Examinations.” (Available in Japanese only.)



Handling of English Examinations (Master’s Degree Program)

Program (Course)


Handling of “English Examinations”


Screening based on the score of an 
external English proficiency test

Screening based on a written
examination administered by the University

Architecture and Urbanism International Program in Architecture and Urban Design


Not conducted. Applicants are also not required to
submit the score of an external English proficiency test
as part of application materials.


Not conducted


Doctoral Degree Program General/International Students/Adult Students


Program (Course)

11:40 a.m. – 12:40 p.m.


Architecture and Urbanism (Note 1) (Note2)


(Points allotted: 100 points)

Interview exam.

* For the interview start time, refer to the notice enclosed with the examination admission card.

 (Note 1) Applicants for the Course in Places, Arts and Consciousness of Architecture and Urbanism Program
              who are a national of an English-speaking country or who have completed  (or are expected to
              complete) a course of
school education in English may be exempted from the “English examination” 
              by submitting supporting documentation. Make sure to report to the
School of Science and Technology
               Office in advance,
and submit such supporting documentation by the deadline of Verification of 
              Application Qualification specified in the “3. Eligibility Requirements” section.

(Note 2) English examination for International Program in Architecture and Urban Design will be an English essay.


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