Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to join?
This program is offered to undergraduate or graduate-level university students who are over 18+ years old. Please see Requirements. Lectures will be conducted in English, so Japanese language proficiency is not required.
Is there any scholarship for this program?
No, Meiji University does not provide any scholarship. Please inquire at your home university regarding possible scholarship opportunities.
Is there any screening?
Yes, there will be screening. We will send a notification of acceptance only to the successful applicants on March 7 (Thu), 2019 <Japan Time>. To finalize your participation, payment of program fee and submission of consent form must be completed by March 21 (Thu), 2019 <Japan Time>. Please note that your application will expire after this date if the program fee remains unpaid. Please see Application Process for further details.
Is accommodation provided?
Accommodation is not included in the program fee, but an accommodation package can be arranged for participants who wish for assistance. Please see Accommodation (Optional) for further details.
Are there any extra costs aside from the program fee?
Airfare and travel expenses to and from Japan, accommodation during program, transportation fee outside program, travel insurance and other daily expenses are to be paid by each participant. Please see Program Fee for further details.
The following website may be useful to gain an idea of the price of commodities in Japan.
Is it better to have insurance during the period of stay in Japan?
Participants of the program are required to purchase overseas travel insurance that cover the period of their stay in Japan at their own expense. Participants must submit a copy of their insurance certificate before arrival.
Will I receive any credits for this program?
No, course credits will not be given for this program. However participants will be graded on their attendance, presentations and an assignment paper. A certificate and evaluation record will be given upon successful completion of the program.
Please inquire at your home university regarding attaining credits from this program (Some of our partner institutions approve credits for their students).
Will Meiji University provide assistance in obtaining a visa?
Meiji University will not provide assistance in obtaining a visa except for students studying at Meiji University's partner institutions.
Please check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before applying to the program regarding visa.
>Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (VISA/Residing in Japan):
Is there any transportation service provided by Meiji University from the airport?
No, there is no airport transportation service provided by Meiji University. Participants must travel between airport, accommodation and Meiji University on their own.
The following website may be useful for traveling to the Tokyo area from the airport:
>Narita International Airport:
What kind of lectures are in the program?
The abstracts from previous years can be seen from here.
Information for 2019 will be updated in the Schedule and Profiles of Lecturers and Brief Abstracts of Lectures sections.