Voices of Our Participants

How was Cool Japan Summer Program?

  • Interesting and unique program theme (culture)! Very well planned and extraordinarily efficient coordinators.
  • Five stars!! And I find our lectures and field trips include a variety of Japanese cultures, which are really attractive to me. And I've actually learned and thought about some Japanese cultural phenomenon during this program time.
  • It exceeded my expectations.
  • Great and memorable.
  • The program brought a very good insight of the "coolness" of Japan.
  • It's excellent program that I learned more Japanese culture and knowledge from this program! It’s useful and interesting.
  • Program is as cool as its name. I like this experience and it will became a part of memory.
  • Great experience. I would definitely recommend it.
  • All the people who came to talk to us were really awesome and had control of the theme they were speaking.
  • I am not sure about I can just find another program which is better than this one.
  • Having communication with Meiji University Students, the part I love most. 
  • It was exceptional. I didn’t really think about what to expect, but I enjoyed it a lot.

What have you gained through Cool Japan Summer Program?

  • A lifetime experience and friends!
  • Friends, knowledge and memorable experiences.
  • I gained a deeper understanding and appreciation towards Japanese culture and my own culture.
  • I discovered things that I could not have discovered by myself.
  • This program really provides me a lot of different perspective to understand about Japan. Just gains, no any losses.
  • Greater appreciation of the strength and variety in Japanese culture. And Japanese people’s perspective on it.
  • I have learnt more about Japanese culture and also new aspects to approach the coolness of Japan.
  • Not only having a better understanding of Japan, but also other countries. I love this program!!
  • Eye-opening.
  • Fresh perspective. Not only of Japan, but other countries.
  • I really learned the culture directly from Japanese, which made me think in different ways, and how different can a country culture be in comparison to all other countries from all over the world.