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Short-term Exchange Program

Joint Programs with Northeastern University─Short-term Student Exchange Programs─

The School of Political Science and Economics has been promoting international exchange at the divisional level with Northeastern University, our partner university in Boston, U.S.A., since 2008. This is a joint program where both universities send short-term exchange students and the receiving university provides specialized lectures. The School of Political Science and Economics serves as a receiving window for the students in the Study Abroad Program from Northeastern University to Meiji University. In each year from 2008, Meiji University received approximately 20 to 30 students from Northeastern University for one month from May, and the students attended specialized lectures in English at the School of Political Science and Economics. For this program, the School of Political Science and Economics invited "student supporters" to provide students an opportunity to mingle with Northeastern students. In addition, the School also held a joint camp at Yamanaka Seminar House where students had active discussions on various topics, including policy issues.

In the Study Abroad Program where students are sent out from Meiji University to Northeastern University, some students in the School of Political Science and Economics participated in specialized lectures in political science, economics, and social science at Northeastern University and visited facilities and government offices related to politics and economics since 2009.

For both universities, this program is not a mere exchange program. The students who have completed the program can obtain some credits, which means that both universities share part of their own curriculum with each other. The program also features an opportunity to directly experience not only specialized lectures, but also international exchange through interaction with the students at the partner university.

In 2007, the School of Political Science and Economics established an International Exchange Committee to promote international exchange activities that leverage the unique characteristics of the School. The School has carried out its own international exchange activities, such as hosting a lecture commemorating the inter-university agreement with Northeastern University. As well as the short-term students exchange with Northeastern University, the School has also started the exchange with the University of South California since 2010. The exchanges with Srinakharinwirot University in Thailand are started in 2011 and with Western Sydney University in Australia in 2013. In the future, the School intends to further develop a diversity of unique internationalization programs.