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Requesting Certificates

Requesting Certificates(School of Science and Technology)

Alumni and current students of School of Science and Technology can order certificates such as an official transcript or a degree certificate by completing the below mentioned procedures.

Important Notice
New service for issuing certificates
Meiji University has started a service for issuing certificates outside the university since Monday, December 13, 2021. Please see details here (*in Japanese only)

List of certificates and fees

Certificates Applicant Fees
 Certificate of Enrollment
Current student
 300  300
 Certificate of Expected graduation   300  300
 On-course Transcript   300  300
 Transcript for Graduate  Alumni
 500   500
 Certificate of Gratudation   500   500
 Certificate of withdrawal / expulsion  Those who withdrew / were expelled   500  500
 Certificate of period of enrollment  Former students  500  500

Current Students

・Certificates for current students can be issued by automated certificate-issuing machines.
・Automated certificate-issuing machines are available at each campus.
・Student ID card is required to use the machine.

Operating hours of the certificate-issuing machines

Weekday 9:00~19:30
Saturday 9:00~14:00

*The operating hours change during the summer and winter vacations.

Alumni / Former Students

Certificates can be ordered by the following two ways.

1. Order at the School of Science and Technology (SST) Office
2. Order by post

*Orders(Requests) by email, telephone and FAX cannot be accepted.
*If you have changed your name after graduation and need a certificate with the new name, an official document of Family Register issued within 3 months at the time of your order is required.

Order at SST Office

Required items
① Issuing fee
② A valid photo identification such as passport, driver’s license, or residence card
If there is no valid photo identification, please bring two types of identity documents. (ex: Health Insurance Card and a resident card)
If you need a certificate in English, it is recommended to bring your passport to confirm the spelling of your name.

*Orders can only be accepted in Ikuta Campus.
*Those who graduated from I-AUD and Frontier Sciences and Innovation Program after March 2014 can order Certificate of Graduation and transcript at Nakano campus office. Orders for other certificates can only be accepted in Ikuta Campus.
*Issuing are normally processed within 15 minutes, however, the time may differ according to the type of certificates and/or number of orders. Please allow enough time for your order.


Order by Mail

Please send the following items to SST Office:
 SST Office (理工学部事務室 証明書担当)
 1-1-1 Higashi-mita Tama-ku 多摩区東三田
 Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 神奈川県川崎市

i) Application for certificates( in Japanese only.)
Print on A4 size paper
ii) Issue fee:

By domestic Currency registration(現金書留:"Genkin-kakitome") for sending cash.

iii) A copy of a photo ID 
(Passport, residence card, or driver's license)
iv) A self addressed envelope with stamps
Please make sure to write the address and attach the stamps.

If you need the certificate to be enclosed in an envelope, please indicate this on the application form.
We will send you the certificate within 3 or 4 days after receiving the application.

Contact Information

School of Science and Technology Office
TEL +81-(0)44-934-7564
[Office Hour] Monday-Friday 8:30-16:30, Saturday 8:30-12:00
*Closed on Sundays, national holidays without classes, and university holidays.
FAX +81-(0)44-934-7901
E-mail sst■mics.meiji.ac.jp (Please replace ■ with @