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2018年春出発 協定留学【交換留学】派遣学生募集要項   (2018 Spring: Student Exchange Program)




“Student Exchange Program” is a study abroad program held at the partner institutions of Meiji University on the basis of the student exchange agreements. Meiji University has the partner institutions all around the world. To participate in the Student Exchange Program, you will need to apply for the internal selection and be nominated by Meiji University. Please refer to the following information on how to apply for the internal selection, and also refer to the “2018 Spring Student Exchange Admission Details” for each partner institution’s entry requirements.
*Please note that Student Exchange Programs are NON-DEGREE programs. You are required to return to Meiji University after the end of the program.
* Application period for partner institutions in South America has changed to “spring” student exchange admission since 2016AY according to their academic calendar.

2018年春出発 協定留学

※ 出願条件等は募集期間中に更新されることもありますので,出願前に必ず条件を再確認してください

募集期間 (Application Period)

2017年7月3日(月)~ 7月20日(木)【募集は終了しました】
Monday, July 3 to Thursday, July 20 2017

※ 所属学部事務室・大学院事務室の窓口開室時間内厳守 (国際教育事務室ではありません)
* All complete applications must be handed to the office of your department within the office hours. (Not to the International Student Office.)

提出書類 所定様式 (Application Forms)


English Forms


明治大学 国際教育事務室【駿河台】

Email: kokusaik@meiji.ac.jp
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