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河 庚希 HA Kyung Hee

 HA  Kyung Hee
職格 特任講師
学位 Ph.D.
最終学歴 University of California, San Diego
研究業績等 教員データベース
専攻分野(研究分野) Race and Ethnicity, Immigration Studies


Contemporary Japanese Society, Asian/American Studies, Social Movements, Korean Diaspora Studies



講義概要をさらに詳しく見る(Oh-o!Meiji System)



“Zainichi Koreans [Koreans from Japan] in the U.S.:
Negotiating Multiple Displacement and Statelessness.” PAN JAPAN: The International Journal of the Japanese Diaspora 11, no. 1 & 2 (2015): 41-67.
“Zainichi Koreans and Culture.” Who Owns Culture? : Beyond Nation-State Graduate School of Humanities, Meiji University (2012): 21-31.