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オンライン・プレ・ポスト留学プログラム(特別聴講生) Online Pre-&Post-Study Abroad Program (Special Auditing Student)

情報コミュニケーション学部 オンライン・プレ・ポスト留学プログラム(特別聴講生) School of Information and Communication Online Pre-&Post-Study Abroad Program (Special Auditing Student)


情報コミュニケーション学部の協定校の在籍学生が,本学部に開設されているオンライン授業科目の一部を聴講できるプログラムです。 オンライン授業コンテンツ(オンデマンド型)のため,特別聴講生は好きな時間に授業を聴講することができます。
School of Information and Communication will offer several online courses to students from partner universities. Students from partner universities can take these online courses as a special auditing student.
*Please note that special auditing students will not be granted any credits for the courses in this program.

Students who would like to participate in the Online Pre-&Post-Study Abroad Program need to be recommended by partner institutions.
To apply for the program, please consult the exchange study program coordinator at your university.

プログラム期間(Duration of Program)

2022年度秋学期:2022年11月 ~ 2023年3月
Fall Semester 2022:November 2022 - March 2023

情報コミュニケーション学部協定校 (Partner Institutions with School of Information and Communication)

2022年度秋学期プログラムの出願について (Application for 2022 Fall Semester)

All application materials must be submitted by the exchange student program coordinator at your university to School of Information and Communication Office.
募集期間 (Application Period)
◆2022年度秋学期 出願期間: 2022年8月1日~9月30日
 Application Period for Fall Semester 2022: August 1st - September 30th, 2022
募集案内 (Online Pre-&Post-Study Abroad Program Application Guideline)
応募書類 (Application documents)

授業概要 (Course Syllabus)

For Incoming Exchange Students Program at School of Information and Communication, please refer to the following URL.


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