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エヴェーリン・J・ナオウミ 専任教授 Evelyn J NAOUMI, Professor

エヴェーリン・J・ナオウミ Evelyn J NAOUMI, Professor
職格 専任教授
学位 M.A. (Teaching English as a Foreign/ Second Language)
最終学歴 バーミンガム大学第二言語教育修士課程(英国)
研究業績等 明治大学教員データべース
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Business Case Study
Introduction to Management
Global Business Studies
Elementary Academic English
Intermediate Academic English (Writing)
Intermediate Academic English (Com)
Advanced Academic English

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This is an opportunity to use your business knowledge and problem solving skills to develop your English professional communication skills.


Effective communication and problem-solving skills are essential in everyday business interactions. As Japanese small and medium enterprises look for new markets overseas, increasingly such interactions use English as a lingua franca. Consequently, business practitioners need increased awareness of cultural differences in business practice that could lead to misunderstanding and conflict. The opportunity to use a variety of English expressions and vocabulary while working in groups in English to solve actual business dilemmas is an effective way to both raise awareness of future communicative breakdowns and increase confidence to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers in global business settings. Evelyn Naoumi has an M.A. in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language from the University of Birmingham, U.K. She has worked in Japanese companies as a copywriter, translator and interpreter and has extensive experience in teaching courses in English for Specific Purposes at the undergraduate and postgraduate level and business English in Japanese companies. She has more than ten years of experience in designing courses, making materials and teaching English academic postgraduate support courses for English track international postgraduate students and courses for Japanese students making presentations at international academic conferences and preparing for study abroad programs at overseas universities and business schools.