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演習(ゼミナール)紹介[馬 定延 MA Jung-Yeon]

明治大学国際日本学部 演習(ゼミナール)紹介
馬 定延 特任講師
 MA Jung-Yeon
(主要担当科目)  メディア・アート / (Lecture) Media Art
(開講言語) 英語 / (Language) English 

Japanese Arts in Global Perspective
<3rd Year> and <4th Year>
This seminar aims to publish a booklet titled <Japanese Arts in Global Perspective> each year. Students are expected to survey Japanese artists or non-Japanese artists based in Japan, including musicians, designers, curators, gallerists and other professionals, active in global art scenes and make presentations on him/her/them. At the end of the spring semester, we will discuss a table of contents and contact those artists for an interview, which is one of important research methodologies in the arts. If they let us interview them in person or by email, we will make a list of questions and arrange interview schedules. Based on our collaborative research and interviews, we will transcript the record tapes, edit, design and finally publish a booklet in the fall semester. Since the booklet is to be bilingual (EN/JP), students who are more fluent in Japanese language than English are highly welcomed. Also, this seminar is open to students studying abroad as they can contribute to the booklet by surveying local reference and/or interviewing foreign professionals on the theme. They might be asked to participate editorial meetings via online.