Go Forward

演習(ゼミナール)紹介[師井 勇一 MOROI Yuichi]

明治大学国際日本学部 演習(ゼミナール)紹介
師井 勇一 特任講師
  MOROI Yuichi
(主要担当科目)平和学/ (Lecture) Peace studies
(開講言語) 英語 / (Language) English

■演習テーマ / Theme
Engaging in Peace and Social Justice in—and from—Tokyo

Issues of peace and social justice are intimately connected, for what kind of peace would it be if it does not include social justice? (“Negative peace,” as Martin Luther King, Jr. says.) The aim of this seminar is to deepen your understanding of issues of peace and justice today by engaging in them. The engagement involves practice on the field, research in the library, and discussion in class. By participating in activities of a local NGO or civic organization (or creating your own), multinational citizens together can help create and promote peace and justice in Tokyo—and from Tokyo. Think globally, act locally, and learn broadly.
■授業内容 / Activities
Each classroom session will be a time for discussion—that is, you will report weekly progress of your own project outside the classroom and get a feedback from your peers and the instructor. Extra-curricular activities besides the regular session will be involved; it’s necessary to talk in person, observe directly, participate and engage in a local NGO or civic organization of your choice.

<3年次 3rd Year>
Learning in an organization outside campus; a weekly oral report of your findings; and a presentation and a term paper each semester (mostly engaging “in” Tokyo).

<4年次 4th Year>
While learning with a local organization in spring, will do fieldwork overseas in summer to apply and test your knowledge and skill (engaging “from” Tokyo). In fall, you will spend more time on writing a thesis.