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グラフ,デイビット A. Groff, David A.

グラフ,デイビット A. Groff, David A.
職格 特任准教授
学位 Masters of Education in TESOL
研究業績等 教員データベース


Presentation of traditional Japanese culture in English, Japanese martial arts culture and history, and connections between meditative practice and language learning.


Budō, language acquisition, meditation, Miyamoto Musashi, Zen


講義概要をさらに詳しく見る(Oh-o!Meiji System)



I hope that you will use your university years to their fullest, and that you will go equally deeply into learning about your own and other cultures. Traditional Japanese culture in particular has much to teach Japanese people today, as well as the rest of the world.


The Five Rings: Miyamoto Musashi's Art of Strategy