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ワインバーグ ジョール Joel Weinberg

ワインバーグ ジョール Joel Weinberg
職格 特任准教授
学位 B.A. Comparative Literature/ M.S. Linguistics, TESOL
研究業績等 教員データベース
専攻分野(研究分野) Second language acquisition, Research interests include promoting fluency, motivation, comprehension, and confidence in L2 reading assignments via the integration technology into the learning process.


L2 reading fluency


Extensive reading


講義概要をさらに詳しく見る(Oh-o!Meiji System)



I hope I can help students improve their English reading proficiency.


1. “The Ten Amendments: An English Learner’s Guide to the Bill of Rights.” Developing Materials for English Language Instruction In Japan.
2. "Modal Verbs Should and Must.” Grammar: Communicative and Consciousness-Raising Activities.
3. "Using the Four Strands to Teach a Predetermined Syllabus.” Vocabulary Teaching and Research.
4. "Error Correction in the Content-Based Classroom.” Content-Based Education.
5. "A Better Approach to Implement Extensive Reading." How digital technology can improve students' extensive reading production.