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【対面指導】他大学からの進学者のみ対象 中止(2020年4月3日時点)
他大学からの進学者については教務事務ガイダンス(対面指導)を予定しておりましたが,日本国内における新型コロナウイルス感染症の影響について現時点でもなお安全確保の見通しが立たないため,中止とさせていただきます。ガイダンス資料は Oh-o!Meijiにて配信しますので,各自ご確認ください。


Schedule for Distribution of Student ID card and Orientation

Distribution of Student ID card on April 1st has been cancelled due to the Novel Coronavirus. Student ID card will be mailed to student's address which written in the document for the enrollment procedure.


To reduce the risk of infection of the coronavirus on campus, the university will be holding orientations either online or in-person according to the necessity.

【ONLINE】For all student
Please see the orientation materials before classes start. All data will be uploaded on the Oh-o!Meiji system and SST website.
 ➢ Instruction for Oh-o!Meiji system
 ➢ Oh-o!Meiji
 ➢ SST website: Orientation page

【INTERACTIVE】CANCELLED For student who graduated other universities (Last Updated: April 3rd, 2020)
Orientation for students who graduated universities other than Meiji has been cancelled due to the spread of novel coronavirus infections (COVID-19). Please see the online orientation materials on oh-o!Meiji.

*Please be updated with the latest information available and be sure to check the announcements frequently since the university may make further requests for our students depending on the situation.