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Science and Technology in Japan 2023

Since 2016, School of Science and Technology, Meiji University has been offering a short-term summer program "Science and Technoilogy in Japan"(STJ) for undergraduate students from our partner universities overseas in July.
In this program students can learn fundamentals of Japanese technology in the field of mechanical engineering, architecture, applied chemistry and Physics. The latest application guideline for the next year will be available around January.

Find more details on Application Guidelines 2023
You can register here; "Online application"(16th March to 31st March 2023)
*Please use this designated form to submit your "Statement of Purpose" in the online application.

Program Schedule

The program has three parts: (1) Preliminary study, (2) Lectures and site visits, and (3) Final report.
(1) Preliminary study
Students will learn the basics of Japanese society, science and technology by using websites and e-mail exchanges with a lecturer of the program, and submit a report before the program starts.
(2) Lectures and site visits (The schedule is subject to change.)
6th July Orientation and Introduction of Science and Technology in Japan
7th July Introduction to Japanese Culture and Society, Lectures/ site visit on Mechanical Engineering
8th July Lectures/ site visit on Architecture
10th July Lectures/ site visit on Applied Chemistry
11th July Lectures/ site visit on Physics
12th July Lectures by Master's Program Graduates
13th July Lectures/ site visit on Electronics and Preparation for Presentation
14th July Final Presentation and Discussion

[Examples of past site visit]
  • 2017 AY: University of Tokyo, JFE Steel Co., Toshiba Fuchu Complex, Fixters
  • 2018 AY: National Institute for Materials Science, Nissan Yokohama Plant, Anritsu Infivis
  • 2019 AY: National Institute for Materials Science
(3) Final report
Students are required to submit a final report one month after returning to their country.

Program Fees

There is no fee to participate in this program. Participants are responsible for the cost of airfare, accommodation, meals and domestic transportation necessary for site visits. Estimated costs are as follows.
-Meals: About 20,000-30,000 JPY
-Domestic transportation: About 20,000 JPY

Application Procedure

(1) Application Criteria
Students are required to;
  1. be an undergraduate student or graduate student enrolled in one of the Meiji University’s partner institution during the program period.
  2. be a second-year undergraduate student or higher at the start of the program.
  3. be recommended by their home university.
  4. attend all day of the program.
  5. have been confirmed by their home university to have sufficient English language skill to attend classes and complete necessary administrative procedures.
  6. be approved in advance by their physician if they have chronic illness or pre-existing medical condition.
(2) How to Apply
Please apply from the following website.
Online application(open only for application period)
(3) Application Period
16th March to 31st March 2023
(4) Acceptable Total Number of Participants
Maximum 20 applicants; if there are more than 20 applicants, a selection will be conducted.
(5) Language
The whole program will be conducted in English only. Participants are required to have sufficient English language skill.
(6) Venue
Lectures will be held at Ikuta Campus of Meiji University. Site visits will also be arranged to off-campus factories and research institutes.
(7) Accommodations
Students need to arrange their accommodation on their own. You can refer to the following information about accommdations in Tokyo or Kanagawa area.
*Listed according to distance from Ikuta Campus.

Near Shin-yurigaoka Station
(5 minites and 154 JPY to Ikuta Station by local train of Odakyu Line)
<Hotel MOLINO Shin-yurigaoka>
TEL +81 44 953 5991
about 10,500 JPY per night

Near Machida Station
(19 min and 216 JPY to Ikuta by express train of Odakyu Line)
<Hotel Machida Villa>
TEL +81 42 724 0840
minimum 6,300 JPY per night
2 min walk to Machida Station

<Hotel Resol Machida>
TEL +81 42 732 9269
minimum 6,000 JPY per night
2 min walk to Machida Station

Near Sagami-Ono Station
(26 min and 250 JPY to Ikuta by local train)
<Odakyu Hotel Century Sagami-Ono>
TEL +81 42 767 1111
minimum 12,800 JPY per night
1 min walk from Sagami-Ono Station

Near Shinjuku Station
(21 min and 278 JPY to Ikuta Station by express train of Odakyu Line)
<Kadoya Hotel>
About 12,000 JPY per night
3 min walk to Shinjuku Station

<Nishitetsu Inn Shinjuku>
About 13,500JPY per night
8 min walk to Shinjuku Station

Near Kawasaki Station
(40 min and 426 JPY to Ikuta by local train of JR Nanbu Line)
6 min walk to Kawasaki Station
About 3,300JPY (BUNK BED) per night


SST is applying for JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) scholarship and if this program is adopted, scholarship of 80,000 Japanese yen will be provided after a selection to the certain number of undergraduate students which JASSO specifies. In order to be qualified as a scholarship recipient, students are required to satisfy all the following conditions.
*The following is the past information and is subject to change for 2020.

  1. Must hold nationality of countries that have diplomatic relations with Japan. Taiwan (ROC) and Palestine are included. Those who have Japanese nationality at the time of application are NOT acceptable.
  2. Needs to be already accepted by Meiji University based on student exchange cooperation agreement etc.
  3. Students demonstrating excellent academic and personal records at their home institution. A grade point average (GPA) higher than the GPA designated by JASSO. In case the student does not hold any record of previous year’s academic performance, the record from the latest semester can be used.
  4. Students who need financial assistance for studying in Japan.
  5. Students who will continue their studies and who will receive degree at their home institution after completion of the program.
  6. The amount of other scholarship for their studies in Japan must not exceed the amount (80,000 yen/month) given from JASSO.

*If there are many applicants, selection will be conducted based on academic performance. Successful applicants will be finalized by JASSO. The result will be notified in May.

Program Report and Student Voice

Program Report
Student Voice