Nagaoka Laboratory

Math is a discipline which sometimes demands tough efforts to overcome the difficulty to understand it but it really deserves them. In fact, those who have experienced the deep understanding of Math can never forget the profound joy of Math. Quite naturally, being a teacher of Math is the most attractive for graduates from Math department, as they are expected to lead young people to the initial stage of opening the gate toward mathematical world, and thereby to help them to be intellectual human beings with the respect for the beauty of the unseen truth of Math. However keeping on being a good teacher of Math is far from easy a task, because teaching even the most difficult Math soon declines to be a daily repetition of platitude if teachers cannot keep their fresh and everlasting interests in Math, which however can be realized only when they keep on studying Math in their lives as well as they develop their own new respects for diverse culture, based on their own studying the history and the philosophy of Math. We want to share our ambition with you all to contribute in implementing the method to train young mathematical talents for better school teachers.