Mechanical Dynamics Laboratory

Mechanical Dynamics Laboratory, we have researched about Vibration and Damping. What is a Vibration ? There are so many vibrations around our life, not only machines, and also earthquake is one of it. It is important problem for machines, structures and buildings to protect from vibration, shock and earthquake. So we have been developing some new vibration control devices, dampers, isolators, for example a vibration control device that generates an electric power, a semiactive damper that has a controllable viscosity using a functional fluid, and a spring damper using a viscoelastic material. In the laboratory, the students together with master course students discuss about a design, make it using machining tools in our factory, and build up the experiments themselves. Several vibration tests are carried out with a cooperating worker by using a shaking table which is able to demonstrate some earthquakes with three directions or an electric servo fatigue test system. There are some troubles in processes and experiments, but I hopefully want them to try something new challenge. Let’s Challenge and Let’s Enjoy for your life in MDL !