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International Conference on Organizational Change and Reform (Cardiff University)

November 3, 2010


Question and answer session
The Graduate School of Business Administration at Meiji University invited faculty and postgraduate students from the Cardiff Business School at Cardiff University to attend an international conference on “Organizational Change and Reform”. The conference was held on 3rd November 2010 in the Academy Common Building located on Meiji’s Surugadai Campus.
GSBA has been proactively engaged in a progressive program of internationalization, and as a continuation of the international symposium it hosted in 2009, the conference with Cardiff Business School came to fruition.

Panel Discussion
The conference not only offered an exciting opportunity for exchange between the respective faculty members, but also provided an extremely valuable opportunity for collaboration between the Cardiff and Meiji postgraduate students. This was especially important for Meiji students who have few chances to present in English on a day to day basis. A reception was held after the conference where members of both universities could exchange ideas and comments, helping to further cement mutual understanding between the attendees.
Panel Discussion

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