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Wang Geng
flagChaina   From Changchun, People's Republic of China
Currently engaged in sales at a Japanese securities company
Graduated from the Graduate School of Business Administration, Meiji University in 2010
In what industry and in what kind of work are you currently engaged?
Since graduating Meiji University, I have been working at a Japanese securities company. My role at the securities company is not only to connect investors with investment needs and issuing entities that issue credit such as companies, countries, and financial institutions with financing needs, but also to improve the liquidity of the financial market (ease of transactions on the market). My job is to stand in the shoes of investors and grasp their needs within the overall flow and make trade proposals.
What is the reason you chose this job?
The lecturer of the international finance class I took during my student days was a former securities company employee, and I was drawn to this lecturer's experience, knowledge, and character, which triggered an interest in a job at a securities company.
When do you feel your job is worthwhile?
I think that for sales, the trick to winning is how to establish trust with the customer and share my perspective on the market as a representative of the company. My customers are mainly investors at overseas financial institutions and professionals in finance. How to get such customers to trust me and make them think that I am someone to whom they want to listen is important. I believe that having them trust me is the first step in being able to ask about their perspective on the market and what they are thinking.

The market changes daily and there is no one day that is the same as another; studying it daily is imperative. The strong sense of responsibility that I feel towards customers about the brands I recommend is what inspires me as I engage in my work every day.
What do you think is important in doing your job?
The words “think outside the box” are important to me; it means the attitude “to be inventive and think without being bound by existing notions.” When working, I think that it is important to continuously raise questions within yourself and keep thinking of new ideas and methods.
Going forward, what kind of career do you want to establish?
In recent years, the Japanese stock market has been gathering attention not only from Western institutional investors, but also from Asian institutional investors. However, because investor relations (PR targeting investors) at Japanese companies remain mostly announcements in Japanese, a language barrier still exists for foreign institutional investors. Going forward, I would like to utilize my own language abilities and experience for such customers and convey the merits of Japanese companies.
What did you find difficult in job-hunting in Japan?
I was job-hunting right after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Because of that, at the time many companies were hesitant about hiring people. It was a difficult situation for me as well as for Japanese students, and I had a tough time. However, I am still in touch with the friends I made during job interviews during such a situation and I treasure their friendship now even several years after getting employed.
How did you overcome your difficulties?
There is no other way to overcome difficulties than by putting in effort. I committed to personal development and my friends and I always supported each other and exchanged information.
What were you engrossed in during your student days?
And what triggered your enthusiasm for it?
I worked part-time at a sushi restaurant while studying. I started out by doing the washing and cleaning, but as I gained experience I started serving customers and cooking as well. I was able to gain a lot of experience such as standing behind the counter preparing fish while talking to customers and becoming able to prepare sushi in accordance with customers' requests. I also had the highest sales among all of the several restaurants in the chain.
How do you think you have changed before and after studying abroad?
My student life at Meiji University and various aspects of living in Japan including, of course, interaction with Japanese students, discussions in and outside the classroom with students gathered from all over the world, working on assignments every day, and work experience through part-time work, made me develop as a person.
What did you have difficulty with during your study abroad?
I worked part-time for prolonged periods over the summer and winter breaks in order to reduce the burden of tuition on my family living in back home. My job at the sushi restaurant required standing all the time; I can still recall the bone-breaking pain I experienced trying to get up the next day.
Which of your memories of your student days at Meiji University stands out the most?
Going to Cambridge University in England to study English through the university's curriculum during the summer break. I learned the importance of the ability to think and the ability to worry at Cambridge University. I think that what I experienced there led to my motivation during job-hunting after I came back to Japan.
Which class at Meiji University left the biggest impression on you?
Professor Kohei Yamada's Cost Accounting and Management Accounting classes.
Of the things you learned at Meiji University, what do you find most useful in your current job?
Classes in graduate school focus on discussions. In order to hold discussions, it is essential to always be meticulously prepared. The experienced I gained from the effort I put in for each and every assignment is what I think I find most useful in my current job.
Was there sufficient support from Meiji University for international students?
From scholarships to job-hunting support and the detailed support structure for living in Japan, no other university could match the support I received.
Please give a message for students all over the world who are considering studying at Meiji University.
Meiji University's mission is “To the World, Empower the Individual, Link to the World and the Future.” Achieve your dream at Meiji University, which is overflowing with freedom and stimulation and where students full of drive and passion gather from all over the world!
Yu Ting<
Yu Ting
flagChaina   From Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
Wang Wenyi
Wang Wenyi
flagChaina   From Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
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