Food, environment, and life - the study of agriculture faces head on the issues of modern society.

Focusing on keywords that represent the 21st century - food, environment, and life - the School of Agriculture aims to foster individuals who have the basic abilities, and the ability to apply and develop those abilities, to promote harmonization between nature and human society, contribute to life in general, and to the resolution of global food and environmental issues.


  • Agricultural business administration

Other research themes at the School of Agriculture

  • Agricultural economics
  • Agricultural policy
  • Agri-food and environmental policy
  • Food distribution
  • Life science
  • Agriculture
  • Agricultural chemistry
  • Food production


Ms. Kim Cho Won

Ms. Kim Cho Won
Ayang, South Korea
Department of Agri-food and Environmental Policy, School of Agriculture

Q. Why did you choose Japan and Meiji University?

My father had run a food distribution company. So I was interested in things related food from childhood. I hoped to come to Japan to study because Japan is a superior country to food safety and sanitation, to say nothing of the service.

Q. Why did you choose Meiji University?

My sister is a graduate of Department of Agri-food and Environmental Policy, the same department as I attend. She recommended me Meiji University saying the curriculum of the department is suited for me to study for my dream. At first, I was thinking about going to a cooking college, but I came to want to learn knowledge rather than techniques, so I changed my mind to take the entrance exam of Meiji University. I am not good at science and mathematics, but this department is the only humanities course in School of Agriculture, so I can study without difficulties. One more thing that I like about Meiji University is that you can have chances to experience Japanese culture through a university’s activity. In Meiji University, there is Meiji Navigation Program which encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities. Thanks for the program, I could enjoy Kabuki performance at National Theatre of Japan.