The study of business administration is what is needed to create a richer and better society.

The mission of the study of business administration is to study the true situations of business management at corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations, and to contribute to the economic development of society as a whole. The School of Business Administration implements a three-course structure to approach the real picture of organizational management entities that play an important role in modern society and explore the modalities of dynamic human cooperation.


  • Business administration management theory
  • Organization theory
  • Business strategy theory
  • Marketing
  • International business administration
  • Accounting
  • Finance

Differences in studies of Accounting at the School of Commerce, and the School of Business Administration

The School of Commerce (The Accounting Course) aims to raise expert professionals who are well-versed in the work of accounting in general, taking into consideration the changing situation of globalization of commercial activities by economic entities, and who can respond to international accounting standards and the growing complexity of business.

The School of Business Administration (The Department of Accounting) aims to nurture accounting professionals. To this end, the Department of Accounting offers a structured curriculum for students to firmly acquire calculation skills and expert knowledge from the first and second years onwards.


Ms. Khine Su Lin

Ms. Khine Su Lin
Yangon, Myanmar
Department of Business Management, School of Business Administration.

Q. Why did you choose Japan and Meiji University?

I love to study foreign languages, and began studying Japanese as one of many languages. I became serious about going to Japan after getting a high score in a Japanese language proficiency test which I took for the first time in Myanmar. Since I always had a favorable image of Japan as a developed country with advanced technology, I felt that I wanted to study business management, which supports the technological capabilities of Japanese corporations, and decided to study in Japan. At first, my parents were against my studying abroad in Japan since I was an only child. However, I patiently persuaded them and made my wish of studying in Japan come true.