We nurture individuals who can accurately read the trends of the times and take the lead in the international community.

The School of Political Science and Economics has a three course system that incorporates the viewpoints of politics, economics, and regions, which are familiar to us, to allow students to take a fundamental look at the various issues of turbulent modern society and instill in them the ability to envision tangible countermeasures.

Differences in studies of Economics at the School of Political Science and Economics, the School of Commerce, and the School of Agriculture

The study of economics aims to theoretically explain economic phenomena, while the study of commerce aims for a cross-disciplinary analysis of economic activities and social and institutional phenomena.

Therefore, the study of economics at the School of Political Science and Economics aims to provide a theoretical explanation of economic phenomena themselves, while the School of Commerce aims to provide knowledge about the actual situations of and theories on commercial activities, such as distribution, transport, trade, finance, insurance, and accounting, of economic entities. The School of Agriculture aims to equip students with knowledge of economics for the purpose of comprehensive observation of food and environmental issues from the aspects of policy science, social science, and international development.


  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • International economics
  • Financial economics
  • Public finance
  • Economics of development

Other research themes at the school of Political Sciences and Economics

  • Political science
  • International political science
  • Political history
  • Local government administration
  • Public policy studies


Mr. Sascha Kwetina

Mr. Sascha Kwetina
Linz, Austria
School of Political Science and Economics, exchange student from the University of Vienna

Q. Why did you choose Japan to study?

I first got interested in Japan through Aikido in my home town Linz, from the age of 14. I became more interested in Japan when I started to study at the University of Vienna. I gradually became very interested in Japanese culture and economy, felt that if I could become a fluent speaker of Japanese this would be an asset in my future career.

Q. Why did you choose Meiji University?

One of the reasons is the fact that the School of Political Science and Economics is highly regarded by Japan scholars in the University of Vienna. Another reason is the location of Meiji University: Izumi and Surugadai campuses are located at the heart of Tokyo. Also, Izumi International House, where I live in, is very close to Izumi Campus, and just 30 minutes away from Surugadai Campus by train. This is a very convenient dormitory for me.