Food, environment, and life - the study of agriculture faces head on the issues of modern society.

Focusing on keywords that represent the 21st century - food, environment, and life - the School of Agriculture aims to foster individuals who have the basic abilities, and the ability to apply and develop those abilities, to promote harmonization between nature and human society, contribute to life in general, and to the resolution of global food and environmental issues.


  • Life science

Differences in studies of life sciences at the School of Science and Technology, and the School of Agriculture

the School of Science and Technology (The Department of Electronics and Bioelectronics) focuses on developments in engineering in the bio and nano and bioinformatics fields, such as medical engineering and biomolecular engineering, encompassing such subjects as DNA computers, bioinformatics, and humanoid robots.

the School of Agriculture (The Department of Life Sciences) focuses on unraveling the phenomenon of life in animals and plants at the molecular level through molecular biology, etc., and with this as a base, the control of vital systems (biotechnology).

Other research themes at the School of Agriculture

  • Agricultural economics
  • Agricultural policy
  • Agri-food and environmental policy
  • Food distribution
  • Agricultural business administration
  • Agriculture
  • Agricultural chemistry
  • Food production


Mr. Turkel Bilen

Mr. Turkel Bilen
Ankara, Turkey
Department of Life Sciences, School of Agriculture

Q. Why did you choose Japan and Meiji University?

I have been interested in biology since I was a junior high school student. I hoped to study life sciences in an advanced country in the field. Japan is well-advanced country in study of life sciences. Also, I heard about how safe the life in Japan was from my senior of my high school in Turkey who had been to Japan to study. These are two main reasons why I decided to come to Japan. After I studied Japanese at a language school for one year, I started to investigate which universities in Japan I should enter. I searched the internet and researched materials I could collect at the language school. As long as I investigated, Meiji University was the most advanced university in life sciences among Japanese universities. I wanted to study what I most interested in at the most advanced university, so I decided to apply to Meiji University.