Efforts for Earthquake Reconstruction / The Role of the Meiji University Earthquake Reconstruction Support Center

Since immediately after the earthquake, Meiji University started engaging in efforts to confirm the safety of students, assess the damage situation within the university, strengthen its disaster prevention structure and disaster prevention activities, including energy conservation, and enhance risk management control under the direction of the Disaster Prevention Headquarters. The university has also been considering how it can contribute as a university to assist with reconstruction in disaster-stricken areas and enable people in those areas to return to their normal lives as soon as possible. As one measure, the university established the Meiji University Earthquake Reconstruction Support Center (founded on May 1, 2011) under the President’s Office. Through a unified university-wide effort, the center aims to fulfill the university’s social responsibility through reconstruction support activities being carried out by each school and to centralize information...

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Transforming Individual Thoughts into Action to Give Japan Strength!

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, students who want to do something for the disaster-stricken areas have rapidly increased. Meiji University developed a reconstruction support project in collaboration with the disaster areas in order to respond to those strong emotions. As part of this project, at the Urayasu Volunteer Work Base, we are engaging in various efforts to develop activities to respond to the needs of the disaster-stricken areas in order to not let the movement for reconstruction support die out...

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