A Global Perspective and Solid Linguistic Ability Cultivated in Japan

The Key to Improving Linguistic Skills is to Experience the Lifestyle of that Language and Broaden Your Interests

_Interviewer You all speak Japanese extremely well. Did you study Japanese before you came to Japan?

Liu I studied Japanese in Shanghai for three months before I came here, but after I arrived I realized that there is a huge difference between textbook Japanese and the Japanese that’s actually spoken. That’s why the quickest way to learn a language is to go to the country where it’s spoken.

Kwon That’s right. It’s just like the difference between animals in the wild and in a zoo. I think you really have to escape from the cage and learn the language of the wild. I study not only in the classroom but also take volunteer Japanese-language classes and spend a lot of time with my Japanese friends.

Eliza What’s important is to enjoy yourself while you’re studying. We’re all interested in Japanese culture and want to know more, and this desire naturally increases our motivation for studying the language. I think that’s why the key to improving language skills is to study not only the language but also the culture of a country.

Kudo In my case, I’m a huge fan of the British band Oasis and I’m interested in British culture, so of course I’m also interested in English. The School enables you to take English language classes, and I think my English skills have improved. Instead of speaking just textbook English, now I can use more natural expressions.

Kwon My favorite English course is Practical Drama. You act out plays, which improves your ability to communicate and express yourself in English in front of other people. Since the actors are all students in the course, classes are good opportunities to share ideas, so I’m really pleased that not only my Japanese skills but also my English skills have improved.

Liu I’ve asked friends who are studying in English-speaking countries about their classes, and my impression is that there is virtually no difference between the English language classes in these countries and the English classes at the School of Global Japanese Studies. That’s why I think that studying hard at the School can really improve your English skills.

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