A Global Perspective and Solid Linguistic Ability Cultivated in Japan

The Meiji University School of Global Japanese Studies promotes research on Japan. Since many international students study alongside Japanese students, we asked Japanese and international students to talk about their studies and what makes the School so attractive to them. In addition, they have some advice for students hoping to enroll in the School of Global Japanese Studies.

The Attraction of the School of Global Japanese Studies Lies in its Broad Range of Courses

_Interviewer Today we have a group of typical international students in the School of Global Japanese Studies. To begin with, what got you interested in the School of Global Japanese Studies?

Kudo (Yusuke Kudo) My interest was sparked by a course called Theory of Martial Arts Culture, which was listed in a School of Global Japanese Studies pamphlet. I was very interested in martial arts as I had done judo at high school. Rather than studying in a School of Physical Education, I wanted to enroll in a humanities university and study more broadly, so being able to study martial arts as part of a wide range of subjects was very appealing to me.

Kwon (Kwon Hyoku Jun) I studied Japanese at a language school in Japan, and around the time I was beginning to enjoy my life in Japan, I heard that Meiji University was establishing the School of Global Japanese Studies. Since I wanted to learn more about Japan, I read a pamphlet and discovered that there were various subjects, such as Introduction to the History of Film, Urbanism and Design, and Religion and Philosophy. I then decided to stay in Japan to study more about Japanese culture and social systems .

Eliza (Yow Min Min Eliza) When I was little, I used to watch Japanese TV dramas, and that got me interested in Japan. Ever since then I dreamed of coming to Japan to study. At first, I thought I’d study at a language school for a year and then enroll in a technical college. However, I began to think that it would be better for me to study at a university if I wanted to learn about Japan more thoroughly. I chose Meiji University’s School of Global Japanese Studies, as it allows me to study Japanese culture in many different ways.

Liu (Liu Xian) Like the others, I studied Japanese at a language school. Actually, I was thinking of majoring in another subject, but my language school teacher recommended the School of Global Japanese Studies. I did some checking and discovered that I could study not only Japanese culture and language but also English and even take courses in other departments, so I decided to enroll.

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Students who participated in the round-table discussion

Kwon Hyoku Jun(Korea)

Kwon Hyoku Jun(Korea)

Yow Min Min Eliza(Singapore)

Yow Min Min Eliza(Singapore)

Liu Xian(China) width=

Liu Xian(China)

Yusuke Kudo(Japan)

Yusuke Kudo(Japan)