Online Intensive Japanese Language Program
【Summer 2022】


August 22 (Mon) - September 10 (Sat), 2022【for 3 weeks】

A: Morning Class    10:00~12:00(Japan time)
B: Afternoon Class 16:00~18:00(Japan time)


The following two courses, "Beginner Course" (JLPT N4 level/A2 level in CEFR scale) and "Intermediate Course" (JLPT N3~N2 level, B1 level in CEFR scale) will be conducted.

Beginner Course (A2 level in CEFR scale) : JLPT N4 level

This class is for students who are JLPT N4 level/ A2 level in CEFR scale or equivalent. Students in this level are able to listen and comprehend conversations encountered in daily life and generally follow their contents, provided that they are spoken slowly.
You CAN NOT apply to this class if you have no background in learning Japanese.
Intermediate Course (B1 level in CEFR scale): JLPT N3~N2 level 
This class is for students who are JLPT N3~N2 level/B1 level in CEFR scale or equivalent. Students in this level are able to listen and comprehend conversations in everyday situations, spoken at near-natural speed, and state his/her own opinion. 
* Click here for JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
* Click here for CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
* The class will be allocated based on the result of Japanese online test conducted after the application. 

Eligible Participants

Undergraduate or graduate-level students of overseas universities
Students from Meiji University's partner institutions have priority.

Number of Participants

 8 Students in each class

* Classes may be cancelled if the number of participants fails to reach the minimum number.
* More than 8 students per class may be accepted​.

Program Contents

●Japanese Language Class: 18 hours (60 min×18 lessons)
●Exchange Meeting with Meiji University Students: 4 hours (120 min×2 times)
●Cultural Experience (Daikagura, Rakugo, Zazen): 4.5 hours (90 min×3 times)
  Ninja: Ninja experience
  Rakugo: traditional comic storytelling 
  Zazen: Zen meditation

  • Office hours are also available. You can consult and work together with the Japanese language teachers and Japanese students regarding class/homework. You can ask for advices on further Japanese language study as well. Please make the most out of this opportunity.
  • A certificate will be issued to the participants who successfuly complete the course.

Topics of Japanese Language Classes (tentative)

We will talk and write about the following topics in the class. Japanese students will also attend the class. 
Let’s talk a lot in Japanese!

Beginner Course (
JLPT N4/A2 level in CEFR scale) 
  • Introduce and talk about yourself, your family and friends, and your favorite celebrities or characters. 
  • Talk about your favorite food, restaurants you often go, and famous cuisines in your town. 
  • Talk about important events, tradition and superstition in your country/region.
Intermediate Course (JLPT N3~N2/B1 level in CEFR scale)
  • Introduce and talk about yourself, your family and friends, and your favorite celebrities or characters. 
  • Talk in some detail about the places and food you recommend in your country/region. 
  • Read Japanese poems and give your impression of them. Then, compose your own poems in Japanese. 
  • Talk about your experience or cross-cultural experience you have ever had, then exchange opinions.  
  • Talk and exchange opinions about business in your country and changes in yourself and society due to the influence of COVID-19
  • Discuss various changes and events happening in the world and future possibilities.
Program topics may change depending on the actual class status.

Student Supporter

Students of Meiji University will join this program to support participants with their Japanese lessons and assignments. In addition, the participants can experience the "actual" Japanese and Japanese culture by communicating with the students supporters during exchange meetings. Having a chance to actually interact with Meiji University students is one of our big feature of this program which we have been continuosly receiving favorable comment from our past participants.


【Important】 Please confirm the followings before signing up.
□ I can participate in the online classes with a personal computer.
     (Participation with mobile devices such as smart-phone is NOT acceptable) 
□ I can prepare a Wifi environment and internet contract sufficient for online communications. 
□ I can prepare a quiet environment such as private room.
□ I understand not only a time difference between Japan and my resident area but also
      the time table of the course of my choice is suitable to my local time.

【Table of Time Difference】
 Country  Time Difference  Japan Time 1  Local Time 1  Japan Time 2  Local Time 2
 Korea  0  10:00  10:00 16:00  16:00
  China (Beijin)  -1    9:00    15:00
 Thailand  -2    8:00    14:00
 Australia (Sydney)   +2    12:00    18:00
 France (Paris)  -7    3:00    9:00
 Great Britain (London)  -8    2:00    8:00
(Washington D.C.)
 -13    21:00    3:00