Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any screening?
Completion of application does not mean you are guaranteed to participate in the program.
Screening will be conducted if the application number exceeds the available number.
We will announce the result by the end of November.
Will Meiji University provide assistance in obtaining a visa?
Meiji University will not provide assistance in obtaining a visa except in the case of students of Meiji University’s partner institutions.
Please check the website of Ministry of foreign affairs before applying the program.

* Cancellation policy will also apply for the cancel for not being able to take obtain the visa. Please confirm about the visa before paying for the program.
Will I receive any credits for this program?
No, course credits will not be given for this program. However, participants will be graded on their attendance, assignments and final presentation. A cirtificate will be given upon successful completion of the program.
Is there any transportation service provided by Meiji University from the airport?
No, there is no airport transprtation service provided by Meiji University. The follwing site may be useful for traveling to the Tokyo area from the airport:
Narita: >
Haneda: >
Is it better to enroll in a insurance during the period of stay in Japan?
Participants in the program are required to purchase at their own expense traveler’s insurance to cover the period of their stay in Japan. Students need to submit the copy of insurance certificate before the arrival.