Short-term Japanese Language Program (Winter 2024)


February 5 (Mon) – February 16 (Fri), 2024 [2 weeks]
Please visit " Schedule" for the program contents.  

Course Level

The following two courses, "Elementary level" (JLPT N4 level/A2 level in CEFR scale) and "Intermediate level" (JLPT N3~N2 level, B1 level in CEFR scale) will be offered.
(Course for those who have not studied Japanese yet at all nor Advanced course will NOT be held.)

Elementary level (A2 level in CEFR scale) : JLPT N4 level
This course is for students who are JLPT N4 level/ A2 level in CEFR scale or equivalent. Those who can apply for this level course in this level are able to listen and comprehend conversations encountered in daily life and generally follow their contents, provided that they are spoken slowly.
Those who have no background in learning Japanese are NOT eligible to apply.
Intermediate level (B1 level in CEFR scale): JLPT N3~N2 level 
This course is for students who are JLPT N3~N2 level/B1 level in CEFR scale or equivalent. Those who can apply for this level course are able to listen and comprehend conversations in everyday situations, spoken at near-natural speed, and state his/her own opinion. 
Those with an advanced level of Japanese are NOT eligible to apply.
* Click here for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
* Click here for CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
* The class will be allocated based on the result of Japanese online test conducted after the application. 

Eligible Participants

Undergraduate or graduate-level students of overseas universities
Priority is given to students from Meiji University's partner institutions.

Number of participants

 12 Students in each class
*In the event that there are too many applicants, the application period may be closed before the end of the application period.In addition, if a large number of applicants reach a passing score in the online test, a lottery may be held.
* More than 12 students per class may be accepted​.

Program Contents

  • Japanese Language Class: 100 min×13 sessions
  • Project Work : 100 min × 8 sessions
  • Japanese Culture Lecture: 100 min × 3 sessions
  • Bus Tour with Meiji Students : One day

Japanese Language Class

The 'Japanese Language Class' is based on the textbook and focuses on activities that will help you improve your speaking skills. You will practice a lot of actual speaking with the students of Meiji University who will join your class.

<Textbook to be used>
Elementary class: Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture , Elementary 2 A2 Coursebook for communicative language activities
Intermediate class : Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture , Intermediate 1 B1 

Project Work

Together with student supporters of Meiji University, you will work on a social project work activity. You may go outside the classroom to investigate or conduct interviews to create a work that will contribute to the society. The group’s work (output) will be presented on the final day.

★Works from the past program project work
 Intermediate class       Elementary Class
(Created by the participants in cooperation with Meiji's student supporters) 

Student Supporters

Students of Meiji University will join this program to support participants with their Japanese lessons and assignments. In addition, the participants can experience the "actual" Japanese and Japanese culture by communicating with the students supporters through the project work and exchange meetings. Having a chance to actually interact with Meiji University students is one of our big feature of this program which we have continuously received favorable comment from our past participants.

Interaction with Various Students

Students would have opportunities to interact not only with student supporters, but also with international students studying at Meiji University.
Through these various opportunities, you will be exposed to diverse ideas and perspectives, which will help you broaden your view.


Students who complete the course successfully meeting the criteria will receive a certificate of completion with grades (5 levels: S, A, B, C, F). Please ask your own university whether or not you will receive credit for the program at your home institution.

Travel Procedures

We issue "Certificate of Eligibility" for VISA application for ONLY students with our partner universities who needs VISA to enter in Japan.