Your Guide to Meiji

Student Q&A

What is your most favorite place/facility at Meiji University?

The library Because I can use the computer and study in a nice, quiet environment.
The Izumi Media Building Because it has a media study room that we can use freely on our own, and since the facility is beautiful.
Media Library Because I can watch all sorts of interesting TV programs and movies.
The laboratory Because I can talk freely with the professors, and, since I have my own desk and seat, I can concentrate in my studies.
The rest rooms All the rest rooms on all the campuses are very beautiful. I can see that the university is trying to keep the place clean, such as conducting a questionnaire, asking for suggestions on how to make the students use the toilet nicely. They say that a bathroom is the “face of a household,” and I think it’s absolutely true.
The open space in front of the Academy Common The Academy Common is so neat that if I sat there in front of the building, reading a book, I might appear cool.

What is your most favorite menu served at the Meiji University cafeteria?

Meidai Curry It’s cheap and delicious.
Takechan Ramen This is a unique dish you can eat only on certain days. It’s filling and simply delicious.
TABLE FOR TWO Because the menu changes all the time, the price is reasonable but the food is filling, and I can make donations to developing countries, too.
Yatai stand I go to the yatai stand more than the cafeteria since it offers different menus each day. My favorite is pulgogi bowl.
Katsu-don (rice bowl topped with fried pork cutlet pieces) When I first ate it, I was amazed at how delicious it was.
None Because I prepare my own lunch box, so I’ve been to the cafeteria only twice.

What is your most favorite class offered at Meiji University?

Intensive Japanese language class The intensive Japanese language class offered to overseas students is very interesting.
Seminars I find them more interesting than regular classes because they have an atmosphere similar to discussions.
Intercultural education I think this is a wonderful class for fostering international-minded people since it allows the students to gain a deep understanding about Japan and other countries, and since it also takes up the subject of personal identities.
Golf You can learn all the way from the basic level, and get to make lots of friends.
Business management theory The content of the classes is interesting, and, since it is a compulsory subject, I can get to see almost all my classmates there.
Practical training on mechatronics Because we actually get to create a robot called the Line Tracer.

What is your most favorite place/site in Japan?

Akihabara This is one of the unique things about Japan; the place has an atmosphere that you can almost never see anywhere else.
Harajuku I love shopping, and I can enjoy shopping at Harajuku. It’s close to where I live, too.
Yokohama It has beautiful scenery; we can enjoy shopping there, too.
Hakone Because it has lots of great onsen (hot spring) facilities.
Tokyo Tower Each time I see the Tokyo Tower, I can feel that I’m in Japan.

What is your most favorite Japanese food?

Sushi We can enjoy all sorts of sushi, from inexpensive to expensive ones.
Ramen The taste varies from shop to shop, and it’s fun looking for delicious eateries.
Shabu-shabu I love meat, and eating shabu-shabu is lots of fun.
Nabe ryori (one-pot cooking with meats or seafood and vegetables) Because I can get together with my friends and enjoy eating while having a blast.
Miso soup Because it’s good for you and goes well with cooked rice.
Uni (sea urchin) This has an unusual taste that is not available in the Philippines.

What is your most favorite Japanese word?

一期一会 Ichigo ichie Cherish every encounter as it can be your last Ever since I saw a drama, this has become my favorite phrase. It carries a profound meaning.
Kizuna Bond Because after I came to Japan, I met many people and was supported in all sorts of ways by them.
おかえり Okaeri Welcome back Because I think this is a warm word from the heart, so much so that I can feel love in it.
為せば成る Naseba naru Where there’s a will, there’s a way There is a similar saying in China, too.
郷に入りては郷に従え Go ni irite wa go ni shitagae When in Rome, do as the Romans do Because I think this is what you should do.
木漏れ日 Komorebi Sunshine filtering through the leaves of a tree It has a nice sound to it when you pronounce the word; the mood that the word carries is nice, too.

What is your most favorite Japanese manga (cartoon) or book?

ONE PIECE It’s simply great. There’s laughter and also heart-moving scenes.
Slam Dunk I think this is an extremely high-quality manga. I started playing basketball because of this.
Detective Conan Because Conan is cool and very smart.
Jipangu Because it’s a profound manga for adult readers—a manga with a strong Japanese taste. Besides, the author is a graduate of Meiji University.
Kuchu Buranko (trapeze) It’s written in a way that is not too difficult, and is being read by many people. The book is very good in taking up problems and other issues that today’s people have, and talking about them.
Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You) My heart throbs every time I read this love story of young people.

Please tell us your three most favorite Japanese products not found in your home country.

Washlet toilets I can sense Japan’s cutting-edge technology.
Wipe-only cotton makeup remover Because it’s so convenient: I can remove makeup quickly and easily.
Kotatsu (a table-style electric heater that is covered by a futon quilt) It’s so warm and cozy that once you get inside, you never want to get out.
Clothes dryer inside a bathroom I can dry my laundry even on a rainy day.
Book covers A paperback edition available only in Japan! And the cover that goes with it has so many cute designs!
Melon bread Breads in Japan are absolutely delicious: I think they are the best in the world. I love melon bread in particular because it’s not too sweet, and the texture is soft but moist.
Boxed lunches sold at convenience stores Because when I eat alone, if I have these, I don’t have to cook or eat out by myself.
Frozen food In my home country, people do not often have the custom of heating foods with a microwave and eating them.
A vending machine where you can get printouts of digital camera photos You can develop the photos by yourself anytime. It’s so convenient that you can even print different pictures into one!
The so-called Non-Step Bus which is a bus that has low floors Because it’s a barrier-free design that anyone can ride, even people with disabilities.

What do you like about Japan or the Japanese people?

The fact that they are very kind People are very kind when I ask for directions. Even if I lose something, I always get it back from people who found it.
The fact that order is being maintained They never cause trouble to other people in public places, etc.
The fact that there are lots of vending machines everywhere You can buy drinks anywhere, anytime.
Convenience stores They sell all sorts of things; you can pay your electricity and gas bills; and they are everywhere, close by. In a word, they are convenient!
Services Japanese people offer the world’s best services. The fact that they offer the very best services to customers is simply wonderful. The fact that taxi drivers and convenience stores’ part-time employees wear uniforms at work is the proof of their strong spirit of professionalism.
Numerous parks In Japan, even if there are lots of high-rise buildings, there is always a park in the city and in the neighborhood. I can tell that the people cherish nature, and take good care of it.

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