Privacy Policy

Based on its philosophy of respect for individuality and keen awareness of the importance of privacy protection, Meiji University endeavors to discharge its social responsibilities as a seat of education and research by complying with all laws and regulations relevant to privacy protection and implementing voluntary privacy protection rules and structures, and by establishing, implementing, constantly reviewing and improving the Privacy Protection Policy set forth below.
1. Meiji University shall establish Privacy Protection Regulations in order to provide for the appropriate handling of personal information, and shall implement those regulations and ensure that university faculty and other relevant personnel are thoroughly aware of them.

2. When handling personal information, Meiji University shall only handle personal information necessary to perform the business of the university and identify the purposes of use of the information to the extent possible, and shall limit the handling of personal information to authorized personnel and to the extend needed to perform the business at hand.

3. Meiji University shall obtain personal information only by fair and lawful means. When obtaining personal information, the university shall disclose or notify its purposes for using the information to the subject of the information (i.e., the individual to whom the information pertains), or shall make public announcements of such purposes. Please see below for the Purposes for Using Personal Data Held by the University.

Purposes for Using Personal Data Held by the Meiji University

Meiji University’s purpose for using personal information is to employ such information to achieve the university’s primary objective, which is to establish colleges at which to conduct educational and research activities based on its founding principles, and to perform tasks necessary for the administration and operation of the university. To that end, the university shall use the personal information in its possession only to the extent necessary to achieve the goals set forth below. The university shall obtain personal information in accordance with laws and regulations, and directly from the pertinent individual, in writing or by other means, at which time the university shall clearly disclose the purposes for use of the information, individually and specifically.

Purposes for use of personal information
(1) Contact and notices pertaining to the business of the university.
(2) Unhindered performance of courses.
(3) Administration of students’ registration at the university, and of academic progress and performance.
(4) Payment of students’ scholarships and grants, notification of available residences and part-time employment positions, health and hygiene administration, and other business pertaining to student lifestyle and welfare support.
(5) Career support for students, including but not limited to career guidance and offering students information on alumni’s employment.
(6) Business pertaining to selection of individuals for admission to the university and entrance examinations.
(7) Issuance of certificates.
(8) Administration of faculty personnel and work affairs, as well as business pertaining to salary payment and welfare.
(9) Business pertaining to self-reviews and self-evaluations, third-party evaluations, grant applications and statistical researches.
(10) Business pertaining to: use of libraries, museums and other education / research facilities of colleges established by the university; use of lecture halls and meeting rooms; and use of comprehensive information networks.
(11) Supply of a predetermined set of personal data to the Meiji University Graduates’ Association, parents of current students, the Meiji University faculty labor union, Nakano Gakuen and Meidai Support Co., Ltd.
(12) In addition to the foregoing, other tasks deemed necessary for the business of the administration of operation of Meiji University.

 4. Meiji University shall implement organizational, human, physical or technical safety measures wherever necessary in order to protect the personal data it handles from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leaks.

 5. Meiji University shall not, in principle, supply personal data to any third party without prior written approval from the pertinent individual. However, the university may supply a predetermined set of personal data to organizations related to Meiji University as permitted by law and Meiji University regulations. In which case, the university shall engage the receiver of the personal data in an agreement to protect the data from loss, destruction, falsification, leak or other such unauthorized handling, and shall cause such receiver to handle the personal data appropriately. Furthermore, any individual may cause the university to cease its supply of such individual’s personal data by requesting such cessation by the prescribed procedure, whereupon the university shall cease supply of such data without delay.

 6. In the event that Meiji University deposits personal data with other businesses in order to outsource the work of the university, it shall be sure to select such businesses in accordance with appropriate standards, and enter into agreements with such businesses to protect the data from loss, destruction, falsification, leak or other such unauthorized handling, and shall oversee such businesses as necessary and appropriate.

 7. Meiji University hereby affirms that individuals whose personal data is held by the university have the right to request the disclosure, amendment, addition, deletion, cessation of use, removal or cessation of third party supply of their personal data. If an individual whose personal data is held by the university makes a request described above, the university shall comply within reason without delay.

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